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I like to believe you will find to time to pop-in and post a thing or two periodically. I will be checking. As always, you share such lovely bits... it's a pleasure to visit.


Ha, we are both having troubles slowing down the blogging! I'm finding that doing less is almost harder, because then my posts want to be too long and sort of lose their rhythmn, so now I'm rethinking things again!
I was away over the weekend and missed your book give away, but will add this title to my library reserve list. The strawberries are perfect! I CAN taste them!
Love the girl's barrels and the way they reflect their personalities! Like the arbors at the gates to the garden. My goodness it's going to be huge..my sister's is too. The table looks so pretty! Love that combination with your beautiful roses...but, I was wondering...do the roses smell like sour milk and rotten eggs? LOL!
Well, this is getting to be a pretty long comment! I guess I'm having a hard time with goodbye too!
Take care Vicki. I hope you have a great summer!


Have a very, very, very fun summer! It looks like you'll have no problem doing just that.


You are sooooooo right... what a perfectly lovely weekend!


A comment on your strawberry story; you MUST try refrigerator strawberry jam. No boiling,very easy, fresh berry taste, delicious!! Recipe is on Certo, as well as other brands. Try it. Happy summer! Tina

Barbara H.

omehow I missed that you were signing off for the summer.


I do hope you'll find time to pop in occasionally!!


I am truly sad that your blog is on hiatus for the summer. I will miss this creative, warm, artful online connection to home! I send the best for summer!

paula luckhurst

That must have been such a good weekend.

sandy haynes

Great entry... super start to a summer garden... Hope it stays a little cool for you and not too humid.......


Oh, I will miss this blog. But I know the problem, sometimes I put all my crafting time in reading blogs
and working at my own, and the real life has to go on!
But I really hope you will show us some lovely pictures from time to time.
Have a nice summer in your beautiful garden!


Vicki--lovely to see you here in spite of your supposedly leaving us for the summer--LOL! Your fortress garden is really taking shape-will be exicting to see the finished product. The girls' flower barrels are a joy to behold. Hope you can swing by here once in a while...Happy Summer Days! :o)


I'll miss you over your summer break, but I know the feeling. So much to do, see, EAT, smell, enjoy-and summertime is fleeting. I will check in from time to time in case you slip up and leave us another fabulous post!


I've been reading your blog for a while now and I just love it when you put pictures of your pretty gardens up :)


I would love to have an automatic watering system. I've heard they're the epitome of decadence!


Hello! I found your blog while searching for something to do with fabric yo-yos. You have a wonderful blog.

Tell your daughter I love her name!


i don't know what to comment on more, how i will miss posts, or how pretty everything is...the slower pots...the waffles! :)

enjoy your summer, and hope to see you around!


FUN! Will you be my mom?


Great pictures, interesting reading.. and i think i have bought patterns from you awhile back! Have to add you to my blog list!! Thanks for the eye treats!!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

What a lovely post this is!!!!


I'll miss you although I understand needing a break!! Have a great summer. I'll probably go back and read old posts just so I don't go through withdrawl too much, I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of great things you've done!!


As I'm playing catch-up, I just found that somehow I missed your post about taking a break - and Grace's sweet 16th as well!

A belated wish for a very happy and sweet sixteenth year to Grace!

And a slightly teary-eyed 'au revoir' to you - only for a little while I hope! Though I do understand how time-consuming this blogging business can be - more than ever after a week of computer problems, and realizing how much MORE I accomplished while not being able to view and comment on blogs.

I do hope you'll pop in every now and then ('once a month, at least?' asked in a hopeful voice...) - just a quick wave?

Take care and have a wonderful summer, Vicki!


I love your arbor! Looks great! I want one to seperate my driveway sidewalk and patio...gotta put it on the "honey do" list! Your flowers look great too...

Kim Sherrod

I think I need a vacation, too....sad and lonely. already. without you.
i am in love with star, btw.


Enjoy your summer break. Your post made me smile - must be the image of star at the dentist's!


I just used that recipe for your cupcakes, they turned out wonderfully :) I baked them on a half day of school and brought some the next day, every one looved them! And the icing was deliciouse =] Thank you!!

Oh I love your blog, I do I do I do! I am enchanted by all your creations, thank you for sharing them. I am so lucky to be able to view them over here in rainy Yeadon, Yorkshire, England.
Campervanchick xx


You have to pop in with a picture of your garden as it's nears harvest. It's amazing looking all ready! Enjoy your free time, it is much deserved.


where you been??? missing posts from you!


oppps...see that now...gone for the whole summer!? hurry back!


what gorgeous pictures!! xo Natalea


Wow, your "fortress" looks amazing!!! Wish I could have something like it, but as of now, I am still working on getting a few raised beds built! ;)


Your whisky barrel of flowers made me so happy. Its lovely:) Where I live, im almost at the end of when my garden blooms and It makes me a little sad. Enjoy your flowers!


I just had to stop in to get a TF fix...even tho I know you are on break.
Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you.
Happy summer days!
Dawn xo


Thank you for the deer repellent concoction. I bought willow cagey things for some of my roses this year and they have worked gloriously but I want to try the concoction for some other things. Have a fun summer!


i'd like to move into just your garden space/fortress. lovely!


Oh, no, you must not go! I just found you! I want to see more and more of that garden (it looks like my dream garden), and will be rooting around in the archives for more pictures and descriptions of it. You'll see a very poor imitation of your garden in my blog. I do hope, as others have said, that you'll pop in from time to time and show us how it grows!


Farewell for the summer friend! I have been thinking I may need to do the same. I hope you still have time to see me and Hannah when we're up in August, no pressure of course (well, just a little ;) xo.


Absolutely, delightful, so much fun to read.
Thank you,
Betty G


I love the photos, sounds so fun. Bright, colourful and summery - lovely to read when we are in winter. Renee xo


I just discovered your blog today (via Cerri @ Little Pink) and it is just wonderful. I cracked up when I saw the photos of Ginger at the table. So cute. Also love that "Dream" quilt...simply darling! Have a great summer!


Ooops! I think I referred to the horse as Ginger...I meant to say Star. He/She is darling!

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