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Sounds good to me!! We love strawberries. I live in California where the pickins' are good!!


I can't even remember what a real strawberry must taste like!


We picked our first strawberries out of the garden today!! Yummy! They are pretty small but very tasty.
Would love the book.

Arlene McComas

I have enjoyed your blog. I will be sad for you to move to other things, but understand. I have especially enjoyed your 'blanket' statement, hearing about your sweet daughters, and chuckling at your deer visitors. I hope you will miss us and decide to come back to blogging very soon. Enjoy your blog fee summer....Arlene




Those strawberries look delicious -- wish we had a farm around these parts.

Have a great "summer off" and see you again in the fall!


Hi there! First... those strawberries look soooooooooooo good!
I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now (read the entire thing in a day! Just couldn't leave the house until I was finished!) and you are a true inspiration to me.. (you got me sewing again) and I want to thank you for that. I will miss your post en inspiration but hope to 'see' you at the end of summer!
Hope you have a great summer!


Those strawberries look so yummy.
Have a wonderful summer.

Kathie Hill

Your strawberry jam recipe was what got me to get out and buy all the equipment needed to do the jam. Unfortunatly they have still been sitting around unused but I can truly hope this will be the summer of fruit and vegetables. I want to do something for my daughter that I did for my children when they were young.

I dehydrated all kinds of vegetables that would dry completly. Then they went into the blender to be pulverized and blended. They were then stored in a jar and sprinkled on salads, soups, stews, you name it. They didn't have to much of a taste but it packed a wallop of vitamins especially for my picky eating son.

So my daughter would like me to make this concoction up so she can use it for her daughter and very picky eating boyfriend!

It's so nice to be sneaky when you are doing it for the good health of your loved ones! ;)

ps. I love reading and would love to be entered into your drawing for the book.

Have a wonderful and blessed summer, Kathie


My husband planted strawberry plants for me last year. If we get any berries it will only be a taste here and there. Our local strawberry festival is next weekend and I am so looking forward to it.
I would also like a chance in your drawing


My mouth is watering all over my keyboard. Enjoy your summer!


We get the best strawberries at our Farmer's Market here in NYC. This weekend, strawberry/rhubarb pie.
I'll throw my hat in the ring for the book drawing, too.


Here's my comment!
So happy it's strawberry season. My June baby is turning 23 this month, and now it's her turn to make jam in her own kitchen! With my help, of course.

Mama Urchin

We just can't get that quantity of strawberries around here that cheap. I'll be making jam this week too.


What a great price for strawberries - they look delicious! I've planted some in the garden this year - I wonder if they will ever produce such beautiful berries?

Quilting Fitzy

Strawberries, ah yes, that alone transports me back to another era.

We're all going to have withdrawl while you're away. Throw us a kernal or two if you can!

Add me to the contest please!

Alicia H.

Oooh...those look like the berries we grew in our garden when I was a kid. Nothing in the world tastes better.


My uncle used to make the best strawberry jam! I think it's a lost art and I love to read that you are going to make some! I purchased some yarn that is called strawberry fields, I think it's going to be a must knit this summer for me.

I just saw that book yesterday and almost picked it up. I would love it for my summer vacation next month!


I haven't gone berry picking in years! Maybe it's time to go out and do it again. Thanks for the reminder!

And I've heard a couple of people mention that book was on their reading list. I'd love it if you threw my name in the hat!

Amy Witt


I am a recently new reader to your blog, my mother shared it with me a little while back. I have so enjoyed many of your posts. And todays has made me wish I was somewhere close to a berry farm. We lived near Dayton Tn for a couple of years and there was a lovely berry and well other fruits farm there. I also grew up in Ca, and there were so many good places to get strawberries. Not as much here in Ks though. Thank you for the delicious post!!


You're making my mouth water something terrible! The U-pick here won't be ready for about another month BUT I will be in Seattle next week and will probably be able to go to one with my mom. She goes every year and I remember going with her when I was little.
As for the book, it's on my list of ones to look for next time I'm in a bookstore.
My strongest memories of visits to Norway when I was a little girl are, besides seeing family, of picking berries: wild strawberries, blueberries, cloudberries. On a trip there when I was nine, we picked wild strawberries the day before returning home with the intention of bringing a bag full of them back with us on the plane but we forgot them in my grandmother's fridge. I regret that to this day and can almost taste them still.


Those strawberries look so luscious! Did I spell that right? Does it matter? I'm under the spell of strawberry-lust!

Nada Jones

i love berry season too.... can't wait fr the blackberries!

I'd like to enter the contest please


we are going strawberry picking next week and I can't wait. I love strawberry jam. and I have a gigantic rubarb in my garden.
I also wanted to leave a comment to tell you that my mom used your magic formula and it has worked very, very well for her as well. she grows heirloom roses so she was very happy to find a way to keep them from being nibbled away.


You make everything so lovely, even if I didn't already love strawberries I would be wanting some.


I love reading your blog. You have inspired me to get and keep out my sewing machine. My children and I enjoyed picking strawberries when we lived in Germany. The strawberries remind me of Germany. Picking red raspberries brings me back to the carefree wonderful summer days spent with my grandmother. When my grandmother would get upset about something she would always say "rasberries" instead of something inappropriate.


Those strawberries look delicious! I'm hoping the deer don't eat the ones in my garden before they're ripe enough to pick. (I'm sure you can relate.) I love berry season, we have blueberries and blackberries too and I can't wait until they're ready to pick!

Please enter me in your book drawing, I could use a good book to read right now.

Diane B

Vicki, I intended to leave you a comment even before I read about your book give-away. You've surpassed your gorgeous floral photos with that strawberry closeup. WOW! What will I do without your blog over the summer? If I'm lucky, I'll have my nose in your book. Fondly, Diane B.


I enjoy reading your blog. It is not quite strawberry season in my area. I am looking forward to it.

Susan Clinkscales

Reading about your strawberry picking reminded me of a trip to California. My parents took my sister and me and we bought strawberries straight from the field. My mom and I proceeded to eat half a flat. I have NEVER tasted anything so fresh!

I am allergic to large quantities of fresh strawberries and I broke out in hives, but I would eat every one of those strawberries again if given the chance. :)

Thanks for bringing back a great family memory!


Mmm, nothing better than fresh strawberries! No place nearby to pick, though, so I resort to the grocery store variety. My mom made strawberry jam often, after we'd go strawberry picking together. Great memories! If you're still taking names for the book giveaway, count me in. Thanks!

Janice Rehmeyer

Vicki, I enjoy picking straw berries, too. Being told next week the berries will be larger and be ready to be pick. So off i hope to go and pick.


OH MY!!! I'm tasting those strawberries :) Smoothies sound wonderful on this very hot day in PA! They aren't in season yet here,
but I can't wait until they are :)

Thanks so much for sharing!



OK......my mouth is watering
for luscious strawberries now!
It is almost time for these
delectible berries to be picked
in our area and I cannot wait.
I will miss your Blog terribly
as I truly enjoy it and read it
everyday. I do understand though,
the need for a Summer break...
but, boy oh boy...you will be
missed so very much. Perhaps
you will sneak in a picture or
some adventures. (hint, hint and
a grin) Have a wonderful and
happy and safe Summer! Many
Blessings to you and yours.


Mouthwatering deliciousness! Every year I plan on going to the berry farm. Every year things get in the way. You have really made me determined to go this year.


$5!! What a deal! We jsut went to the market and bought some and I can't wait to eat them for dinner! We also got sugar snap peas. Yummmmm. I have to go to another market tomorrow so I can find the ever elusive Borghese tomato plants that I have to have! Isn't summer food the best?!!


I'm a wild plum jelly girl myself, but those strawberries look wonderful.


I can smell them and taste them; the pictures are as fresh as the berries. My son makes wonderful muffins with fresh strawberries. Maybe I could make a strawberry themed dinner... there is always so much inspiration in your posts. Thank you.


Those berries look delicious! Almost makes me wish I liked jelly! LOL.


those look wonderful! i used to live in california, and i picked strawberries in the fields at one time...i lasted exactly three days! it was one of the hardest jobs i have done! but so yummy! ;]


I can just picture streams of ruby red running down chins after seeing your beautiful photos of the strawberries. All of them for $5? That is the deal of the day!
I think my canning pot needs to come out of hiding. :)


Those look delicious. Hope I don't ruin my keyboard. :)


Could always use some summer reading. Can't wait to see your jam recipe too.



I love strawberries. How I wish that I could easily go to the strawberries fields and indulged myself with the fresh berries. Of course I could buy packs of strawberries from the supermarket. But to have the fresh ones, I have to go the highlands where the temperature is just nice for planting strawberries. I live in tropical lowland.


Ginger is right, you MUST make thoose sweet treats!


We are blessed to live in the strawberry capitol of California so I CAN practically smell your harvest.

I keep picking up this book at our local bookstore then I look at my budget (and the pile of books in my arm) and I put it back thinking, sadly, next time.

I would love to throw my name in the hat for a drawing.


Your strawberries are so perfect! This is my favorite time of year. Our farmer's markets here are brimming with berry beauties too. I can just taste the berries in this picture.


Yummmmmmmm.....strawberry shortcake sounds perfect for a warm summer day!!!!


I'm sorry to read that you wont be blogging for awhile. I enjoy reading your blog. Those strawberries look yummy. The book looks interesting too. Can't wait till you come back to blog with us.


Those strawberries are just so photogenic - they look good enough to eat :-)


(Oh and have one dipped chocolate for me, please!)


That was supposed to be "dipped IN chocolate," lol!


I have just recently stumbled into blogland within the last few weeks, and I have to say, yours is one that I keep returning to. I would love to embroider some strawberries! I will have to browse your blog while you out for the summer. Thanks for the inspiration!


just finished that book about a week ago myself. it was a lovely read. at the bookshop the cover drew me to it.
enjoy your blog daily...now i've "de-lurked"!

Emily S

How awesome have the strawberries been lately? I've been living off of homemade strawberry, granola, yogurt parfaits.


That book is on my wishlist, would love to have my name put into the hat.

MMMMMmmmm! Strawberries! I just made some fresh strawberry lemonade. Yummy!


Your strawberries look divine! I look forward to your return in the fall.


Those strawberries look so delicious! I have skipped the jam-making for two years now, and am very much looking forward to restocking my pantry with those cute little jars of beautiful strawberry jam this summer.

Enjoy your summer "off"!


I read this book last year - really loved it.


Thanks for sharing again! I look forward to your posts & was so glad to see you haven't signed off for the summer.
The berries look so lovely. We will be picking blueberries at a nearby farm soon.

Kathy F.

Yes, I would love to have that book! Also, the strawberries look fabulous and delicious!


I can smell the berries through the computer! In Wisconsin, a flat runs about $1.50-$2 a pound...we still do it of course.

Jodi Renshaw

Thank you! I so look forward to some Strawberry picking in Maine this month. What a treat for all the senses. Love, Jodi


Strawberries...yum! I made about five killer old-fashioned baked strawberry pies this year, and they were scrummy! I wish I had some strawberry fields close by...I'd be there every day. One of my fondest memories is of my grandmother making strawberry preserves. I have her recipe, but haven't tried it because it almost seems sacred, if that makes any sense. I couldn't do it justice. Anyway, I love reading your site every day; your wonderfully creative family is such an inspiration to me.


I'll take a stab at the book give-away. Those strawberries look amazing!


As always, such beautiful photos of your strawberries and everything you post. I would love to be added in your give-away, too! Thank you ...


What a site..makes me want to start whipping the cream for shortcake! And what absolute gorgeous roses you have going on there...along with the other beautiful flowers!!! I guess a trip to strawberry picking is in the future for me. Wish I had taste a vision computer skills!!!


We have a "strawberry" tradition. Every summer for the past 25 years or so for the week of July 4th, we have joined our best friends and their family at their cabin on Burntside Lake in Ely, Minnesota. It's a beautiful lake on the border of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Some years there are 8 people there, some years there are 30+. We live on the South shore of Lake Superior and are surrounded by berry farms and apple orchards. On our way to Ely (about a 3 hour drive), we always stop at a friend's strawberry patch on Hwy 2 and load up boxes of strawberries for the week. (Boy does our car smell good by the time we get there.) I'm picturing sitting in their screen porch with a good book and a big bowl of strawberries. Have a great summer!

Renee Alam

Hi.Just want to say how much my daughters and I love your blog...we especially love the petite treats and my daughter made some to sell in class for her mini society project that starts today....they came out real cute!Without your blog we would have never come up with that idea!Please enter our name for your book giveaway,my daughters and I enjoy reading together outside under the trees,so I hope we win!Have a great summer!


We also picked strawberries from my mother's garden this weekend. Hers were very small due to a late frost, but they tasted devine.


Strawberries...mmmm...can't wait for the first ones to be available here! We planted 3 strawberry plants this weekend--can't wait for summer berries! Happy Eating! :o)

Tina Kay

Those strawberries look delicious! All I can think of is jam, shortcake, a nice berry salad with a pomegranant vinegrette dressing with candied pecans.......Oh, Yummy! You can do so much with 8 lbs. I love the picture on the book. It peaks my interest. I sure do love to read! Thanks!

Tina Kay

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