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Your garden looks so nice. I love that snowball too and if it's the same shrub I'm thinking of, it smells delicious too.
Have a great day !!!


Just had to leave a note to say i am so enjoying your photos of the deer and your beautiful garden - i keep pooping back for another peek!
That snowball plant is wonderful - do you know its name?
Tracy x

Mama Koch

The neighbor's snowball bush will send up sucker-shoots around the bottom. See if he'll share! It's a great way to get a start from that-old of a bush.
They're great for butterflys AND yes, bees.
Here, their beauty is destroyed by the wind but with protection they are very enjoyable, fragrant and beautiful!

Yes...plant one! How about a lilac bush too? They grow about the same pace.

Mama Koch

Here's where you can get one for a good price....safe place to order too:

also known as:
Viburnum opulus


Oooh, love the garden shots. Really makes me wish I had one, but then I remember that living in our townhouse I don't have to shovel snow!


I love your blog!Thank you for the beautiful photos ;)))Ciao from Italy


Will the deer fence keep the fuzzies out too? They're so cute, but I know they can be a little destructive too.


I just have to tell you that i love the hearts you made!! Pretty colours and lovely design :) I am also making a lot of hearts, as you can see in my blog,love making them and love even more giving them away in swaps or just to a sister that need a encouragement :) I have planted a few lavendels in my garden, and i just have to know how to dry them and then i will put some of it in my hearts too. Thank you for sharing lovely photos and inspirations!


I will be forever jealouse of all the little animal friends that vist you!

little jenny wren

The snowball trees look lovely in Autumn too, lots of rich but not showy colours.


I think of snowballs, lilacs and butterfly bush all at the same time. They were always in our garden at my childhood home. They also make a FABULOUS bouquet. See if you can get a cutting or a sucker from your neighbor. Great pictures-thanks.


Those snowballs are great! They would be fabulous in an arrangement!


We had a huge old snowball bush in the front yard when I was a kid, and we used to pull off the flowers and throw them at each other like real "snowballs." Shh...don't tell my parents! ;-)


Uh oh! Don't they eat things too? LOL! Oh dear, well hopefully you're neighbor's garden is a real sign of things to come. Love those alliums!
I love snowball bushes too!


I love those old fashioned snowball bushes! The blooms are wonderful when dried, too!

Back Porch Musings


Thanks Mama Koch for sharing the name of the snowball bush, because I was going to ask about it. It's beautiful and so fanciful too. I wonder if it would be happy in my neighborhood?


I had one of these snowball bushes in my backyard and loved it. They do well with a real heavy pruning, otherwise they tend to get very lanky.

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