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I think Miss Kitty would LOVE a dancing partner!


I love her--she is so cute! I thought of you Vicki when I read at MJButters Farmgirl connection that May 14th is National Aprons Day. Your transfers are adorable for aprons. I am doing a little giveaway for one of my vintage aprons on my blog but have plans on making an apron with a Scottie Dog transfer soon! I have visions of those Scotties dancing on an apron with red gingham trim and ric rac:-)) Too nostalgic!


How cute! Yes, she definitely needs a dancing partner!


She is quite fabulous! Oh my and a dancing partner? How cool would that be?


Oh, Vicki, she is enchanting. Positively enchanting!
Would you consider sharing your pattern, or selling it on the Pattern Bee? Oh, to make a kitty like that for my nephew!

Helen Gillis


Your cat is just adorable!! Would you consider sharing your pattern? or will you be putting it in your shop (I hope)??

Thanks -

Helen in Malden, MA


Love her! She's adorable--I love the blue eyes that seem sparkly.
It is lovely weather, isn't it? I enjoyed that lovely breeze and the lazy late sunshine last night as I worked in my cottage with the door open...


Oh Miss Kitty is so sweet! I adore her and the little doll quilt she is resting on.


She's adorable and I love the way you've done her eyes. EVERYONE is going to want the pattern now!

BTW thanks for your book recommendation - I'll look out for it.

little jenny wren

She is just lovely especially her twinkling blue eyes.


Well, you know I'm a sucker for dolls. I'm totally loving Miss Kitty. And I can totally picture her dancing partner.

He's a suave, hip sort of cat. Some might say he's too worldly for her, but she's too much of a smitten kitten to care.

He likes pinstripes. And he waxes his whiskers into a sleek moustache. And while Miss Kitty is all about classical, ballet music, he's into swing.

I think I'm getting a bit carried away here lol.


Cute as a kitten! Makes me wish I had a baby around to watch the wiskers fly. When DO you find the time to be so creative??? What vitamins are you taking? I want some.


Yes...dancing partner for sure. Double the sweetness.

josephine Melinder

So so sweet!!
Thanks for a lovely blog and so much pleasure and inspiration reading it!
(I have linked to your blog from mine, hope you don´t mind. I haven´t got that much readers, but although I don´t want to do it without telling you."

Have a nice day!


Adorable!! You are so talented! I am blessed to have found this blog!

tongue in cheek

Everything you do is delightful!! Coming to you rblog is a daily treat!


Miss Kitty is a real work of art! I LOVE her! I can't wait to see her dance partner. Turkey Feathers is such a delightful place to come and visit!


I think all the aphids are at my house, eating my roses. The hanging baskets in the previous post are just gorgeous. Motivates me to get out in my garden this weekend do some repotting.


She's a cutie pie!


Oh my she is just so adorable. Congratulations on her. I would love to see more and have some in your shop. diana


miss kitty is so pretty. thank you for sharing her. my daughter asked "is she for real?" she is really impressed (me too!)


She's lovely Vicki! Yes, do make her a partner!


I have NO words for how adorable ms. kitty is! I'm so blown away.


She is gorgeous.


I love your kitten. She is adorable just like all the things you create.


Love the kitty. I have a grandbaby who needs one! Please share the pattern or sell them!



Hello, I tagged you to my blog for a little game.


I signed in now what?

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