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jennifer w.

Well - they're my cup of tea - I simply adore this!!

Barbara H.

That's cute! I have never been a real yo-yo fan, but this is cute. And those heart yo-yos!! I love heart-shaped thing. I am going to have to figure out something to make with those!!


This is my favorite of your little quilts so far! You are so right about not adding the leaves. The simplicity is perfect and the mix of colors gives it a scrappier, looser look which I like a lot. Perfect!
Thank you for these wonderful links. I'd never thought of heart-shaped yo yos before. Great idea! My friend Liisa was making little tiny yo yos recently. They were smaller than a dime. She was stringing them on wire and thinking of making earrings out of them. A fun idea! There's just something about the sweet yo yo that makes me smile.


Cute, cute, cute!


Love your new quilt! Is that little embroidered bee (?) available on PatternBee? So cute! I am making big plans for my summer break--yoyo's and embroidery projects. I have the cutest little clown made from yoyo's that my grandma made for me when I was a child--think it's about time to display it in my spare room...


Your *new day* doll quilt is delicious! I love your yo yo posies. Thanks for the link on how to make heart shaped yo yos. Gotta make some of them!! Wouldn't a string of them make such cute curtain tie backs or napkin rings! I love yo yos!


Very delicious post! Lovely quilts...how do your do such teeny, tiny embroidery?! I never get tired of yo-yo's, I love their endless possibilities. And so many great links--thanks for sharing! Happy May Day! :o)


A happy May day wish Vicki. Clarice


I've been lurking for ages - it's a long time since I've left a comment on your blog, but I have really enjoyed your little quilts, and this one is no exeption. It's such a sweet quilt, and the yo-yos add just the right touch! I like the embroidered saying on these message quilts as well, especially the font (if one can call it that when it is embroidered) it's like you have a typewriter that embroiders the letters :-)
I've just finished a quilt myself, but it took ages - mine tend to evolve into bed sized covers, and we're not talking about dolls' beds... Maybe I should switch to a smaller format.


I love this one! The yo-yo's look perfect on there.


Once again I say C-U-T-E!


Once again I say C-U-T-E!

charlotte lyons

More amazing work...love the stitched phrase and the yo-yo flowers ...I used them in the little quilt in my book- you can stitch-pull them into the center to make petals. Begin center out, around to back and back into the center, pull to tighten, evenly space all around the yo-yo for the number of petals you want. And that is the ONLY thing I know about quilting. xoC

Me: Great idea Charlotte! Thanks for sharing your tip, I'll have to give that a whirl next!

little jenny wren

I like the colours, they remind me of my mum's 1950s kitchen.


I love the colors, the quote, the bee - what a wonderful little quilt.

Happy May Day! xo


That quilt is absolutely yummy delicious!


Adorable as always! The posies are so sweet!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love those pink yo yo flowers!


I've seen a number of nice yo-yo projects on the net. But your posting has simply made me want to do a project of mine. Thanks for sharing the tip - heart shape yo-yo. I saw the cool gadget in japanese craft magazines and was thinking to get one for myself. I've changed my mind *wink*


What a pretty quilt! "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it"-Anne Shirley in L. M. Mountgomery's Anne of Green Gables.


I LOVE those yo-yo posies! Delightful!!



I love, love, LOVE the yo yo's! Yo Yo's are my favourite things! I use them alot myself! Your little quilts are just wonderful! How do you embroider the writing so that it looks justlike typing! Wonderful!


Lovely, just lovely!!!


Very pretty and "spring-ish".
Good idea, not to buy new crafting supplies during a month, I already failed last week...
But I'll try in the rest of May!

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