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Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

oh my, Oh my, OOOOOOOh my....How wonderful!


What an awesome package--so many blessings in terms of both wondrous gifts and friendship. It makes me happy just reading about this and seeing the pictures.


Two of my favorite blog ladies in the same post, I hit the jackpot! Hi Vicki, hi Kim!


That apron is to die for! All those wonderful goodies too. Thanks for sharing. xo, suzy


What a stunning parcel, and a gorgeous apron.


What a stunning parcel, and a gorgeous apron.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

You lucky girl!!!


Gee, I'm jealous!
How lovely, all the colours and patterns!

little jenny wren

What a wonderful package. I did a pincushion swap with Kim once and her generosity was overwhelming.

Kim Sherrod

Well, I think it looks better over here than on my blog! Hahaha1 I am so glad that you like it and have such a wonderful model! Happy Cupcake baking!!!

Ann Carpenter

Hi. I love your Pattern Bee site and would love to order some patterns from it. Unfortunately, every time I press the key for View Cart it sends me to PayPal home page which means I can neither see my cart or process my order. Is there a problem from my end? I just changed my e-mail address since we have a new one. It is [email protected]. Could that be the problem? Curious minds would love to know.
Ann Carpenter, Dallas, Texas, USA


okay, i MUST Know the color yellow on your house! I'm wanting to paint our victorian yellow and thats the PERFECT color!!! And inquiring nosy minds wanna know what that red thing is under the window :) Rosemary

Me: The house color is called 'Peace'. It was available through Sherwyn Williams a few years ago (when we had the house painted.) Ours is also a Victorian-style and the color suits it perfectly; really sets off the flowers and gardens.

The red potting bench under the back porch window, was custom made by a local carpenter (from my design). I used Ralph Lauren "designer paint" on that one but can't recall that shade of red now. :o)


WOO-HOO...What a super package of treats! That apron is especially fetching! Have fun with you new "toys"! Happy Days! :o)


Oh my, what a cute apron. I might even look cute in that! You are lucky, lucky, lucky, what a great swap!


Oh my, like Christmas in May!


aha aprons! I'm supposed to make one for my quilt group christmas exchange, I'm getting all kind of ideas! Fabulous!

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