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Deb in Naples, FL

Well, it's lovely to see the dears (deer), but they can really mess up a garden!! They used to come in at night and eat the tops off my daylilies which I had planted in every color I could find in the bushels!! I would just cry!! Good thing about your fortress! And thank God for your "rose bringer." LOL
Deb in FL


My goodness, they're actually camping out in your yard! You might have to take an assertiveness class. :-)

The WIne Makers Wife

So thats how deers look when they are not speakign to each other. OHH what a nice husband you have!


I can NOT believe how comfortable they are in your yard. Incredible. And gorgeous flowers! My husband and I have an agreement that he brings me flowers once a week or so. In return he gets a backrub when he walks in the door from work. Gotta love fresh flowers.


They are already planning how they can scale the fortress walls to steal some flowers or juicy tomatoes. I love them, some of the most beautiful creatures on God's green earth, but what pests!

What a nice surprise from your hubby.


I love deer, but I don't know how comfortable I would be about having them in my backyard.

The Shopping Sherpa

Ha! I'm such an Australian my first thought was "Oh! Look! Kangaroos!" and then I realised you're not in Australia and had to look closer to realise they're deer. (WHich, here, are much more exciting)


Sweet as ALL get out!


I'm not sure which is worse, deer eating everthing thing in sight or the very large bear we've had prowling our yard while we sleep! It broke my composter, tore down my children's tent and left puncture marks in the plastic of my bear proof garbage can...We've got a motion/heat sensing alarm set up now to scare it off. I wonder if something like that would teach the deer to avoid your yard?

I just read that Victoria magazine is being resurrected, with the first issue due out in October. I thought you'd like to know :)


Oh how sweet (the flowers I mean :-) )!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

How precious...

little jenny wren

They look lovely but I imagine they can really make a mess of your garden. My mum has a problem with kangaroos nibbling her garden. More and more of the bush around her is being cleared for houses and with the drought my mum's green garden is just too tempting.


Lovely pictures of the deer, although I do know they can be pests. I hope your roses survived their visit!


Wonderful pictures of your beautiful world. Thank you for sharing, Vicki. It's such a breath of fresh air, visiting that haven of yours that is your blog.


The flowers are beautiful. what a fun surprise:)
Wow those deer really are making themselves at home. do you have a problem with deer tick? Lyme disease there? we do here in CT but we dont have the deer sitting in our backyards wow that is amazing


Such sweet creatures...I'm sure they like coming by to check on the work progress among other things--LOL! What a super surprise those flowers--DH did good :o) Was it a special occasion? Happy Days! :O)


awwwwwww, too sweet! xoC


Amazing pictures! The deers are lovely but I know they can be a problem. Hopefully your fortress will keep them at bay. How sweet of your *dear* to surprise you with the beautiful flowers. :)

Kim Sherrod

I love the bambi family- that is still a problem I know, but they are so beautiful! And you are as blessed as I with a sweet, flower toting hubby. I think flowers are better without an occasion- like just because...very sweet. I am tagging you btw, dont ya love that!


Oh Vicki! I can't believe you want to shoo those sweet deer from your garden! ;D


I laughed at Cassi's comment - we have so many deer at our place in Montana we call them "forest rats." I gave up on flowers in my garden a long time ago. :)


Hi, I've just followed a link from Merryville to your blog. Oh my as much as I love deer I wouldn't want it to eat my flowers, especially not the roses EEK! How nice of your Mister to bring you such a beautiful bouquet!

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