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Lisa D.

I love chickens! Those are the most adorable dish towels ever! Cute, cute!


Have you gotten to the part where she describes how to "clear" a soup by throwing eggshells in it? I've always wanted to try that--I just don't understand how it would work.


I think I'm going to have to get that book. It sounds like a hoot, even though she was really serious about all this.
The chickens are so cute!


Wow! You do such beautiful handwork. Thank you for posting info about this great book.


cute chickies!


Those chickens are wonderful! I'm in love. I am going crazy with all the fun things I keep discovering... I don't think I will ever accomplish 1/100th of what I am inspired to try, but I sure love seeing all the clever and charming things you do. Thank you for sharing.

sara, the house of charm

Oh the Mrs. Beeton bio looks fantastic! I think I'll pick that one up for my best friends birthday!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

My husband is going to take away my computer if I keep adding new books to my shopping list. Astrid and Veronika sounds like one I would really like.

hey. ıf you give permission i wanna use your pıcture on my blog..thanks dear


I love the chicken servants - and the idea of what duties Mrs. Beeton might have written out for them!I wonder if pecking up the crumbs might be one of them. :-)


Lovely Mrs. Hen.
I almost need to read Happy endings. I read a book the other day where it wasn't a happy ending and the lady was left mourning her husbands death and it only left you with a small thought that someday she would heal. That bothered me for days as silly as that sounds. I have a wonderful life but there is so much sadness around in the world. I hold on to every bit of happiness and joy I can find.

Kim Sherrod

The chickens are just lovely! And perfect for the chicken apron I am making for a friend with a 5 year Chickenblog-a versary coming up! I love Grace's tiny cupcakes- they are just perfect! I must finish my Doll house- I am waiting for Super Fred to finish the trim for me so that I can paint it! It's almost like remodeling a real house..time, money, decisions! so much!!! But one day it will be done- cross your fingers! I am on my way to check out what's left of the Hancock's closing sale- only 9 days left! Thank goodness we have 8 quilt shops within 2 hours of us! have a great day! k.


Love those chickens. I just posted photos of embroidered pillowcases that I bought at a garage sale on my blog. I don't think I'd have the patience to do that.


They look great Vicki! It's always interesting to see other people's color choices—love how you did the apron in the first picture. I made my embroidered chicken into a pillow and I haven't done the rooster yet. Come to think of it, I should post a picture of that pillow.

Thanks for the link, too!


Ooh, I am a Chicken person, so thank you so much for the link! I'm hurrying right over!

Always, always, love your stuff!


love those adorable chickens!

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