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Diane B.

Vicki, I have been quilting for over 25 years, yet find myself absolutely enamored of your quilts! It is precisely because you use fabrics with white backgrounds that they look so fresh and cheerful. I agree, they are hard to find. The 1930's prints, feedsack reproductions and even some of the "retro" 1950's are probably your best bet. Inspired by your color schemes, I've rummaged through my stash to find only a handful of scraps with white in them. I've just started my blog but will have lots of posts with doll quilts. Please visit again. Fondly, Diane


The size of blueberries??? That is teenie! They are too adorable! I love the doll quilt. I just made my first one last week and it's such instant gratification.


Yummy cupcakes! I hope those little dollies appreciate them. There is obviously alot of talent around your house.


I agree the flowers pop when they are on a white background. Your doll quilts and embroidery are enchanting. I want to learn more about the cupcakes and who's making them... guess I might find the answers in the archives.


Those are just darling! The smaller the cuter!


Love the quilt, something special about it!


Sweet, tiny cupcakes...and an even sweeter little quilt! Utterly charming!


I'm always so astouned at the talent in your family. What cute cupcakes and what a precious quilt!


Nope, not just you. Trying to find things on white backgrounds is difficult. But I love it when I can find it!


Vicki, you just about kill me with the loveliness over here, you really do. Thank you.


Those little cupcakes are adorable and I love the overall shot so you can get a sense of the scale.
The doll quilt is so adorable also.
Great stuff. Your pictures always make me smile and feel kind of Little House on the Prairieish.

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