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I really must try and make one myself. If I could make one as pretty as yours I would be happy!

jenny b harris

Thanks for posting photos of this little quilt! I was longing to see the whole thing after you teased us with pics of bits and pieces. Its so CUTE! The colors are yummy... :o)


Red Posie is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see some of the others, too.


It's lovely, like all the quilts you have shown on here. You inspire me to try and hand quilt something myself. I've only ever done it by machine.


Love the new quilt! The thing that sets your quilts apart from others I've seen is there tends to be one tiny embroidered detail! It just seems to finish it. Thanks for posting the pictures.


Gorgeous! I have no clue about quilting so I hope this isn't a stupid question but do you do the actually quilting part with a machine or by hand? And the binding? Hand sewn? Sorry, I'm new and this is so inspiring that maybe I'll learn more and give it a shot. :)

ME: I prefer to do the quilting and binding by hand, but I'm not opposed to using a machine and do use mine on occasion. Thanks for asking!

Chris Howard

I can't wait till I can buy them on Etsy! I so love quilts, but I just can't sew.


Red Posie is so beautiful. I'm completely charmed by your pieces, the little embroidered bits are perfection. And all are so very inspiring.


Oh i love that one :o) Colours are a real winner with me.


I'm excited that your doll quilts will soon be in your Etsy shop. I am currently making two wooden doll beds for my niece and a friends daughter. The beds need bedding.


I just love it. Especially the little flower that you added in there. I think this project is an amazing way to really satisfy yourslef creatively. Great stuff!


How lovely! I love the fabrics and the embroidered details. You have inspired me to make a quilt for the doll cradle that my grandfather made for me many years ago.


All of your doll quilts are lovely. I look forward to seeing the rest of them!


As always, I am inspired! Bless you for sharing.


Such a sweet little quilt, Vicki! I love the embroidered flower. Happy quilting!


Thanks for the pic of Red Posie. It's a smart looking little quilt. I love the colors! I've caught the "Little Quilt Fever" that's going around and started stitchin up a little quilt last evening using fabrics from my stash. What fun!! Thanks for the inspiration Vicki.

charlotte lyons

Each one is a piece of art...just beautiful! Love the Begin Again for Blair. Perfect. xoC


Lovely! Thanks for the inspiration.


The embroidered flower -- and the little cat fabric! I love it.


I love all the fabrics in this one. They're so cheerful! That little red posey compliments them so well.


I just love those little quilts, can't wait to see other pictures !!!
Have a great day !!


I just LOVE your little quilts! And Red Posie is the perfect name for that one.
Have a creative day!


This is AMAZING! I swear this quilt is a miniature version of the one my MIL made which is on my girls' bed. I'll have to take a picture to send you- colors, patterns- it's really unbelievable. When are you 'opening' your quilt shop? I'll be first in line!!!


SO sweet! i love it.


Kitten fabric - I'm trembling with glee!! So very cute :)


It's amazing what a little embroidery adds to the doll quilts. A very nice touch.

Alicia P.

I love Red Posie, and I'm not just saying that because, you know!


I love the new look and that quilt, too!

I used to make quilts and then didn't have the time nor energy for a while but I've been getting that "itch" again. (I have a pretty little stack of fabric that I'm currently contemplating...) I love the look of handquilting though it takes so much time---that's why doll and wall quilts are so nice! :-)

Violette Crumble

So lovely. I hope you sell it for a ton!


You've inspired me! A back injury this year had me just about giving up the idea of making a quilt; sitting at the sewing machine for a very long is difficult, BUT these adorable little quilts are adorable. I think I can do this! Love your little emboidery work on them too! Great work!

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