Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I recently received a copy of the Hobby book as well as the letter book! I can't wait to read thru them.


Your comments on the results of your Hobby book test made me laugh; the Letter book does sound especially intriguing though...

Happy birthday to your Mister!


The combination of embroidery with your patchwork is beautiful! I love seeing embroidery that adds that little surprise to a quilt...


Hello, Vicki! I do love craft books... especially the sewing and embroidery books. However, I tend to feel somewhat guilty/sad at the thought that I will never be able to do all the projects from those books that I would like to achieve...

Your "time for tea" quilt is wonderful.
Happy reading, happy sewing!


You can never have too many craft books. Like you, sometimes I just enjoy looking at them. The time for Tea quilt is gorgeous. I love the colours in it.


oh vicki, i'm so tickled you dig the books! i hope you get inspired to jump on my pen-pal project :)
warmest, felicia


Trying new things is important to me. I may not like everything I attempt but the trying itself is part of the learning process. That's one reason I bought the book "You Can Do It: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-up Girls." Just like your "Get A Hobby book," it gives you a variety of new things to try and experience.

In terms of all the craft books, I could probably open a book store. My 2007 resolution was to exercise constraint in purchasing new craft books/magazines. My rule is that I absolutely must make 3 things from the book/magazine or I won't allow myself to buy it. It can be 3 of the same thing or 3 different things--I just have to be disciplined and do it. It's working so far.

P.S. Secretly, I love the whole merit badge concept and am so tickled that Amy at Angry Chicken's Mailorder project included one.


I admit. I have a crafty book collection that has most likely exceeded the limits of what would generally be considered healthy.

I do weed out those that are not my favorites. But the only reason I have some that I don't love is that I am crazy enough to buy many sight-unseen. I love going to half.com or bookcloseouts.com or ebay and loading up on inexpensive (and often vintage) craft books.

I also dream of one day actually authoring such books. Who knows if it will ever come to pass, but a girl can dream!

I adore your tea time quilt! You know I love the bits of embroidery you add. But that rick-rac is really making me smile, as well!


Your *time for tea* doll quilt is so sweet! I love the embroidered tea cup you added. Very pretty! I collect craft books too .. and fabric. One can never have too many books or too much fabric. :)


I've gotta get busy reading! Thanks for the book suggestions-they sound great. I need to get busy on some of my projects that are half finished. You inspire me with the mini quilts. Have a great day!

Cherry Menlove

I do love your blog and I'm glad you stopped by and said "hello" at mine. The last picture of the embroidery and tea cup is so very beautiful.

Cherry xx


Oh, my goodness, the Time for Tea quilt is by far my favoite of the parade of quilts. I love, love, love, love it. It's photo is enough beauty to grace my entire day!
It's always so happy and cheerful around here. That's a blessing. :)


What a fun idea, letter writing. I visited the site but she's no longer making a matches.
I love my visits to turkey blues. You always have something great to show and say.


It's always nice to hear about books that people have read and what they think about them.
I love the photograph of your teacup quilt!


LOL mushrooming?!


I love the combination of patchwork and embroidery, maybe something new I have to learn? I never embroidered in my life, only cross stitches.
Thank you for the inspiration!


vicki, i love your little 'time for tea' block! so cute! i recently posted one of my finished embroideries from the 'mexican girls' that i got from your 'pattern bee' on my site. people ask me where i got them, and i send them your way!


Super craft books...And I'm in love with your tea time patchwork/embroidery! That tea cup is also wonderful...Anything tea time strkes my fancy! Happy Reading & Crafting! :o)

paula luckhurst

Thanks for the photo in the begining of your post. I always like to see your home, inside and out.

I nominated you as one of the best Hobby Blogs at Blogger's Choice Awards. Please go there and take your badge.

paula luckhurst

The link for the Blogger's Choice Awards is http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/


Delurking to say my 6yo loves the teacup quilt. It's such fun to have a little girl to have tea with--one of her favorite rewards! Love your blog!

Kim Sherrod

Glad you are relaxing and having some fun doing embroidery (I love the tea time quiltie) and reading and all that good stuff...We need rain badly here- so dried out..then , soon, it will be rainy season and we will be flooding and begging for mercy! The flowers are blooming anyway and spring is so lovely here! Happy Birthday to your hubby and enjoy the cake!


What good reviews! That "Get a Hobby" looks fun- I think my teens might enjoy it. As far as whittling- I think about it all the time. So far all I've done is a little carving on my Raike's Hitty doll, but I really want to do more. Thanks for a great post!

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