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My goodness, how beautiful! I would indeed count myself lucky to have one of those lovelies just *pop* up in my garden! I love all the different colors on the outside of the petals--they look like they've been painted! Maybe someone will know what that variety is--I've never planted bulbs before but I think I could be persuaded if this is my reward!


Oh, wow! And your photos are so beautiful too! Makes me want to run into the garden with my camera and find inspiration. You should paint that!

Kathie Hill


This magnificent flower is one of the most beautiful I have seen in a long time. I love seeing pics of tulips but never have I seen one in such gorgeous colors. I agree with Heidi it looks like it was painted.........and it was, by His hand alone and He does such fantastic work! I am so glad you took the pics to show us! Thank you. If you ever do find out what type it is, please tell, maybe I could find a beautiful spot such as yours to plant one. Aren't the most precious ones the ones we find hidden in surprise spots? Just waiting for that perfect moment to be spotted and to put a smile on one's face?
Happy spring! Kathie

Barbara H.

How gorgeous! And coming as a surprise to boot! What a treasure.


Wow, what a beauty! Love its ruffly edges too, like a parrot tulip. And its intense color is just gorgeous.
Our tulips seem to be taking their time. They are growing, just very slowly it seems. I was overjoyed this morning to find that our fist daffodil is opening up.


What glory there is in nature! When you think there could be nothing else to be surprised by, viola, Mother Nature shines her heart on the earth. Live long small wonder.


What glorious colors - hope it is indeed the 'deer-proof' type!


I love nature pictures. Lovely tulip. Many of your fav fives are my fav fives. I cannot let a day go past without checking in on them and seeing what's new, indcluding you!


Quite an honour to be added to your list...
I visit your blog almost daily and I just love it, lots of inspiration.
Keep on crafting!


Your blog has just beautiful colours and patterns. I'm bed ridden after an operation - your blog really cheered me up!


Your tulip is just gorgeous. My tulips are just starting to grow and already the deer have come for a visit. what to do?



Wow, how beautiful surprise you have. These tulips are gorgeus!!! I think deers don't eat them. I was reading about plants that would poison cats...hmmm, maybe is not a good choice for deers too. Let me check these blogs I don't know yeat!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh, that tulip is breath taking. Your garden must be beautiful!

Kim Sherrod

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! People kept leaving comments to say they came to visit me because of Turkey Feathers! Thank you so very much!!! I am inspired by you and your daughters and your beautiful embroidery and quilting and sweetness and kindness. I think you are one of the most wonderful creative forces in all of Blog Land! And your garden is lovely too!


Wow, you tagged me! Thank you! I just answered on my blog.
I'm away for a week, and shall miss your blog! Take care ♥


hopefully you will be posting much of your garden, it seems to me that it's going to be lovely. I love your blog, it's so fresh and vibrant, the tulip is lovely! i wish you lots of inspiration:)


So very beautiful. I love this time of year!


WOW--I was so very surprised to be tagged--Thank you so much! You are a super-sweetheart, you know! It is a great honor too, actually, as for many of us you are rather like blog royalty--LOL! What you share here is truly inspirational--you give from the heart, and that means so much. But I better get moving on my tag list too--LOL! Those tulips are sensational...So glad the deer did not get those! Happy Days! :o)


Fences are wonderful things, aren't they? I found one rogue red tulip this year also--under my crabapple tree. I've never seen it there before and am surprised that Quackers the duck didn't eat it because he seems to love all of my pink tulips. Maybe its ducks that won't eat red tulips not deer....
Thanks for the mention, BTW, I love those shoes!


I too fight a losing battle with the deer. I'm glad this lone tulip made it. I have read, and heard many things that deer supposedly won't eat. Apparently mine are on a differnt diet!


Your photos are stunning!

And wow! I've been tagged :)

I'll have to give this some thought. And thank you for all the wonderful blogs you've linked. Good reading!

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