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Super high deer proof fence??


Do the deer eat your garden as they do ours? We have a dog now and that helps. We have never been able to get apple trees past the twig stage though. The deer love the taste of apple buds. How high does a fence have to be too keep deer out?


You see, now they want the wheelbarrow. The grill was too heavy to move.

Happy Zombie

A super-duper-uber May Day festival?


Argh! That's EXACTLY what I should be doing, or really, should have done about 8-10 years ago. Maybe next year....


I can't wait to see what you're up to. Neither can the deer...


Are you going to build a teepee ;) I love deers, lucky duck us seattle kids dont get any in our yards.

Tina Kay

I so enjoy changing our gardens. It is so much fun and really relaxing. Enjoy!!

Tina Kay


Ohhh I can't wait!


ooh don't they look confused---kinda that caught in the headlights look :o)


Fencing them in? What a novel thought! No more lawn mowing or garden weeding.
M :-)


Oh my goodness, do you have your work cut out for you. Those little darlings are so cute, and EAT so much!! Good Luck, dd


Either a deer zoo..or maybe you're building a gazebo??!! We're itching with suspense to find out! Happy Days! :o)


Hmmm, super bold garden eating deer. I thought I was the only one they visited. I presume they are there to eat those fence posts before the fence goes up?

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I'm laughing at what Kathleen said. I was going to say the deer must be the new weed whackers. ;o)

Tina Mack

Love your blog. I check it often and always enjoy it. I've noticed you like vintage embroidery and found the cutest, unique towels at a garage sale which I think you'd enjoy seeing. Don't know if I can send you a photo but I'll try. Thanks for your fun blog. Best, Tina

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