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You had me there, i thought you actually did just make that quilt! Well that is the most adorable quilt, im glad its going off to a good home :)


Lucky woman getting that little piece of art! Do you quilt these tiny quilts on a regular sewing machine?


Congrats to the winner! What a beautiful quilt! Please post more pictures of the other doll quilts you've made. I love the full on shots. I am thinking of making one for my oldest daughters doll. I love to do hand quilting and I love the idea that these would be so much quicker to make than other quilts. Thanks for doing a giveaway!


thank you for the chance to win one of your wonderful quilts, i will definitely be taking the opportunity to try and win another!


What a delightful little quilt! I checked out the u tube of the shuffler and all I can say is Wow! That is too funny with the applause. Very satisfying and official.


Congrats to the winner and to you for hosting such a fun contest. Love the quiltie and thanks for the inspiration. I almost pulled out my sewing machine after brushing my teeth today..lol...I'm getting closer!


Congratulations to the lucky Winner! Anyway, just looking at these quilts is an inspiration! They really are beautiful! I especially like the "begin again" quilt. You are so generous to give your quilts away, but it nearly seems like that one was just meant to be ... Thank you for sharing the inspiration!


Congratulatins to Chrissie! The overwhelming participation was so deserved. Your quilt are gems!


what i am over-the-top impressed about is you took the time to reply to my comment...and i'm guessing i wasn't the only one :)...that must have kept you bust for hours!! it was much appreciated. another fantastic quilt. congratulations to Chrissie Grace...she's one lucky mama. :)

Account Deleted

Congrats to the lucky winner! Speaking of give-aways I have the new kitchen issue of MCI to give away and one day left to sign up.

Beth Dasecke

congrads to the winner that little quilt is so cute.Thank you for the chance to winn and the insperation I get from your blog.
Have a fab day Beth AU


Congratulations to Chrissie, lucky girl!
And thx to Vicki for the chance to play!

Yvonne in Belgium


Woot! Congratulations to ChrissieGrace!!!
What a fun give-away...Happy for you, Vicki, for all the turkey-feather-love that has been shared!!
Always an inspiring place here.


Congrats to Chrissie and well done to Grace for creating such a fun shuffler - too clever for me, i wouldn't know where to begin!

Kim Sherrod

Oh, How wonderful! I love that super shuffler! That is so stinkin cool! Congrats to Chrissie! Thank you so much for the fun!!! I was in suspense! That was great! Looking forward to more years of turkeyfeathers! Keep those minis comin they are very sweet and very inspiring! Happy April Fools Day!! I didn't have time to pull any pranks, Ive been cleaning up my sewing room all weekend! I am bushed! Man! Finally done though, and now I can finish a few things that were lost in the chaos! haha! It seems like it was just Christmas, doesn't it? Before ya know it it will be 4th of July !!

Susan Clinkscales

Congrats to Chrissie - what a sweet little quilt she won!! Thanks for taking us along for such a fun ride!

Diane B.

Oh well, it seems I haven’t won
The little quilt I vied--
Unless I’m just an April Fool
Or my computer lied!

My name was on a lengthy list
Of Turkey Feathers fans
Each entered for the chance to win
The work of loving hands--

A doll-sized dose of happiness,
A patchwork prize so dear,
The winner couldn’t help but love
The gift of joy and cheer!

Inspired by Vicki’s little quilts,
I set about to see
If I could somehow recreate
Her doll quilt “recipe”:

A scrap of vintage fabric
Paired with colors of the sun,
Combined with linear checks and plaids,
And polka dots for fun.

Florals from the garden
In gently faded hues,
A fun and funky fabric
That few of us would use.

Wistful words embroidered,
Create the final touch,
Resulting in the charming quilt
We all desired so much!

Imbued with charm and whimsy,
A delight in every way,
Although I didn’t win the quilt,
It surely made my day!

Thanks Vicki for your generosity and inspiration. Fondly, Diane


Congrats to Chrissie! That little doll quilt is a beauty!


Happy day for the lucky winner, congratulations! Thank you Vicki for your generosity, and for a great blog!

Happy Zombie

Congrats the winner! I got such a kick out the shuffler too (sound effects and all). What fun this all was!

Chrissie Grace

Hi Vicki, Chrissie Grace here.
The one, the lucky one, the one of envy...
Thanks so much. I am so excited to receive it and I would love to send you a little something as well.
You've inspired me to pay it forward. I will pick a random comment as well, and the winner will receive a custom mosaic of mine. What fun!
Thanks again, and I can't wait to see it in person. I love it already:)


What an adorable prize! Chrissie is a lucky gal, congrats. Love your blog!


Linda Lu

Must... make.... doll... quilt.... (sigh)
Thanks for the inspiration. Next month's goal list will include my first doll quilt.


Congrats to Chrissie! Also congrats to Grace as well, I don't know much about computers and the fact she created the shuffler is really impressive. Thanks for your generosity and inspiration, and really, how long did it take to respond to all those comments?

little jenny wren

What a lovely little quilt. I'm sure it has gone to a good home and will be treasured. Making a quilt while cleaning our teeth and cooking breakfast and reading a good book is a skill only a few of us have. Well done.


Congratulations to the lucky winner! And to Grace for coming up with such a nifty gizmo - is there anything she can't do?!


The little quilt are so lovely! :)


it was so very exciting to be a part of it all! i am so happy for chrissie, and how very lovely of her to "pay it forward". i think that is the main reason why i love this "community" so much (followed closely by all of the incredible inspiration + completed works, of course). and i am also overwhelmed by the thought that you sent a short + sweet email to not only me but all of your commenters...wow! :)


it was so very exciting to be a part of it all! i am so happy for chrissie, and how very lovely of her to "pay it forward". i think that is the main reason why i love this "community" so much (followed closely by all of the incredible inspiration + completed works, of course). and i am also overwhelmed by the thought that you sent a short + sweet email to not only me but all of your commenters...wow! :)


Congratulations to Chrissie! And thanks again, Vicki, for the whole thing. Your personality just glows on this blog, and people like you make the community.


Congrats Chrissie!

Thank you so much for letting us play!


Thank you Vicki for doing this. I feel inspired to 'have a go' at making a dolly quilt myself now!
Congrats to the happy winner, and 'well done' Grace.


Thanks for the fun contest! And I am completely impressed by Grace's creativity and know-how. I admire her "can do" attitude - it'll take her wherever she wants to go in life.


Oh what a beautiful doll quilt .. congrats to Chrissie! *Thanks* Vicki and Grace for the contest. It was exciting.


Congrats, Chrissie! SOOOOOO jealous!!!! :)


Such a cute little quilt and you are so generous to give it away.


Congrats to the winner! I just love your little quilts and really need to sit and sew some more. I've made little blankets in the past so I know I can do it. :)

Rocks in my Dryer

*jealous sigh* Ah, well, congrats to the winner. Gorgeous work, as always!

Vickie C

Congratulations to Chrissie!


Congratulations to the lucky winner!
I like this quilt too. They are all turning out so nice...not surprising of course!
Grace is so clever! I enjoyed seeing the bonnet shuffle very much!


Your prize quilt is lovely. The funny thing is I have some of the exact same fabric with the "little pals" on. Surely a sign I should be going off to create my own doll quilt. Anyway congrats to the winner!


Congrats, Chrissie! What a beautiful itty-bitty quilt you've won! That quilt is lovely, and such fine work...Great new banner, too, Vicki! Happy Days! :o)


So much fun this has been. I hope to be around for the next time. I missed this one, but it sure looks like you had fun and your daughter too !!
Have a great day !!


Congrats Chrissie! Such a beautiful quilt! How neat is it that your daughter came up with her own shuffler program. Pretty amazing!


What a beautiful quilt. Congrats. I can't wait to try making my own doll quilt.


Congrats to Chrissy, the Lucky winner, love the spinning bonnet, too cute!


glad to hear it is going to a good home. :)

green jelly

i bet you could produce one whilst brushing your teeth...you seem to have boundless crafting energy


So beautiful! I love that blue and pink together - I can't wait for some to go up in the shop.


OH, this quilt is wonderful! Lucky winner!

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