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This is the second blog I've read today involving a robin's egg! It must be a spring thing. Nothing's really flowering here yet, but hopefully soon...

I love the banner.


Oh all so lovely. And love the beetle. Very pretty.


Love your new Spring banner and yes.. I spotted the sweet beetle in the lilac blossoms...very cute. I've been so enjoying the incredible pictures from your garden. That tulip was gorgeous! Keep the beautiful pics coming and thanks for sharing! You're amazing with a camera and you obviously have quite a green thumb too!

amanda bel

gasp! How lovely! My roses started to open today, and I about had a fit! We've been finding the little bird eggs around too, it never fails to delight. Love those pictures!


When I was little, my parents would occasionally find NESTS in the hedge between their house and the street! For years we had several of these abandoned wonders, along with opened eggshells, in a display cabinet. What treasures. Thanks for sharing! (And HOORAY for beautiful insects in the flowers!)

Amie Ladd

Enjoy your liliac's :))I love them!! Here in KCMO we had a hard frost and everyone lost their liliac's.


How beautiful and elegant. I love robin egg blue. My dad who works in printing says that that is the only color that can't be perfectly reproduced!



Nature is so glorious! I love your pictures and your new banner. Yes, I can see that little beetle--how cute.


Love your new banner, also love lurking at your site!!! It is one of my faves! But I loved your old banner too, awhile back when you were mentioning you might be changing it I tried to keep a copy of it, but never did get it to work. Is there someway you could send me a copy of it? (please?) It was just so pretty I really liked it a lot! It is strange how you associate a persons blog with a certain banner look - I do like the new one too tho! (smile!) Oh I remember something else - since beginning to get hooked on these crafting blogs, my one and only creation thus far is your felt heart needle case! I love it! Thanks for sharing the how to. Have a great day! Diane - dcarlson11553@sbcglobal.net


Oh, those white lilacs are amazing. Lovely photos, really. I can almost smell those flowers. :D


The scent of your garden has filled my computer. Spring has busted out all over, and spilled itself on TurkeyFeathers. You are simply amazing with that camera. Merry Merry how your garden does grow!


Love the spring banner! I love taking pictures of flowers as well as food. You really don't have to do anything to them...they just sit there looking beautiful and the camera does the rest!


Stunning pictures, I can almost smell the lilac (its one of my fave's ). Love the new banner. I see you have wire around your tulips, is that to save them from the deer ?
They are such a handsome colour.


Thank you for the beautiful pictures...we don't have all can't grow all these wonderful flowers here in Florida...thank you.

Rachel Simons

that egg shell is so tiny. I wonder how the chick is getting on. Have you spotted the nest?


Spring is looking good in your backyard. Thank you for sharing the details.

jenny b harris

There is no color as lovely as robin's-egg blue. Even the name is lovely!


Beautiful blog banner!


Knowing it was made from your own photos of the garden makes it even more interesting (yes, I spotted the beetle).


Dear Vicky,
Because of Simmy's encouragement on leaving comments, this lurker wants to say thank you for the inspiration, from one homeschool mom to another.


I cannot even IMAGINE finding a robin's egg. How miraculous! I'm totally living vicariously through your pictures.

paula luckhurst

Very nice.


LOVE the new, beautiful banner...and all your nature snapshots! The finding of a robins egg is pure magic...Happy Days! :o)


How wonderful ! I love your photos, especially the newly hatched egg !! so cute ;-) I love visiting your blog ;-)

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