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I am sitting here, in the dark, after midnight, laughing like a fool at the mental picture your brick of beans just evoked ROFL!!!!

Thank goodness for strong stitches ;)


Close call!!


Oh man, wet bag o' beans in the washer = yuck! When Jack was little I used to use one of those rice sacks to try and help and alleviate some of his tummy issues.


I love where you have the chaise placed now near your bookshelves. It seems as if it's the perfect reading spot. Speaking from someone who has a chaise in her bedroom that frequently ends up with clothes on it.


Ohh the bean story is kind like a little mini-horror story isn't it.. yikes. But I love the idea of these little bean bags. You're so creative. I love reading your blog.


How funny (fortunately...it was funny!) for you and the girls! But I also love the little bean bags, I'll have to make some right away for my cold toes. Such a clever girl you are...


I would have loved to see a picture of that brick. Too funny.

Mama Urchin

Doing laundry always has so many issues, I wonder why we do it at all.


Lovely Toile! And the bean bags are WONDERFUL against cold toes at night! I have a few made from corn (field corn) and pop them into the foot of the bed before I get my jammies on. Pure heaven to slip into bed. If you make them with a little slip-on cover like a pillow sham (sides overlapping in the middle) then it's easy to slip that off and wash when needed.
I can feel your horror at what Could Have happened! So glad you were spared THAT mess!


Bean Bags...what a warm idea!


Oh my what a visual of the beans, so glad the ending of that tale was a happy one!!

Allie from Minneapolis

Those bean bag things are adorable. And I love the bed skirt. You have great taste. Oh, and do you have any PB sheets? They are amazing. I love the sheets we have from there. So much so that every single night I get into bed I think about it. Now that's a good set of sheets.

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