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They are incredible! Grace must have magic hands.

Mama Urchin

Mmm. I think my little one may be getting a dollhouse for her birthday. A cake might be in order.

jenny b harris

I agree, she must have a staff of elves and pixies in her employ. These are tiny marvels!


Just Dreamy. I bet Grace would love to shrink down to an inch and play in that bakery.


Grace must have a fairy spirit to be able to create such wonders...They're dollhouse dreams-come-true! Happy Days! :o)


BEAUTIFUL! So delicate and so tasty looking!


This is all so dainty and pretty! You couldn't have found a better name for your Grace.


i am sitting here eeewing and aaahing! they are so sweet. lovely lovely work grace!

Deanna (domestic chicky)

So much talent in one family...Adorable!


those are awesome! such sweet little treats!


Oh my!! I cant believe that they make things like that! So small and full of details!! But very qute...but, i have never seen things like that before. Maybe it is just typical American ? I wish you a lovely weekend with lots of fun! Aina :))


The girl is incredible! I love the little bunny cookie...

Allie from Minneapolis

Geez, it's just one cute thing after the next on your blog. Those little doll treats make me want to hurry out and get a doll house. Thank you for the wonderful eye candy.

Jenny (thepolkadotpixie :-) )

Oh my!!!! Just the sweetest most incredible detail!!! I am a miniaturist myself and am totally in awe of your daughter's talent. Quite obviously it's in the genes!!!


Beautiful tiny little gems! Makes me wish that I had a doll house bakery of my own!

charlotte lyons

Too sweet! Wish I had a dollhouse still.I'm having a crafty giveaway today to celebrate my 100th post. Come see. xoC


I'm trusting you that there will be GREEN on your ST. Patrick's Day post later today.

IT will save your blog from getting a pinch!


Grace - you are super talented on this front. I just sit and gape everytime you make somehting new.

Vicki - that duckling is lovely and I love all the extras you've put on it. Yay to the wool blanket project it certainly inspired me all that time ago.


That looks so wonderful. It' looks very real and I get hungry just looking at them ; ) What a great job and I think you have to be very patient to make such beautiful small things !!!


I just love the little tiny bunny cookie and the itty bitty pie! What patience you have! You continue to inspire me!


Dang, this is all so cute. I want to finish my dollhouse so bad! The cuteness of your things are killing me!


I love visiting your blog. You post such beautiful things.


UNBELIEVABLE!! Little tiny perfection!

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