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Oh, they're lovely! I have one book of Japanese embroidery and love it. Yours from 1987 is delightful. What a joy to behold.
Another joy is I can finally leave comments on Typepad again!
Such a lovely weekend.


Oh my I love them, I am always on the look-out for such artistry-just beautiful!!


I just LOVE the pieces that show the little critters and their homes. That mole is so hilarious! Thanks for sharing.


I borrowed this book from the local library before. There are a few English ondori books published around 1990. The whole series is indeed great! :-)


Oh my goodness, I could just eat them up! LOVE them!



great book! I got my order from pattern bee and I can't wait to get started on the poodles! My daughter is going to make one as well so she can learn. Very fun! thanks for having so many fun things to choose from in your shop!


Guess what book I just bought? Adorable! I had to have it! Thank you for sharing!!


Holy Moly! These patterns make me want to take a week off work just to stitch them. Thank you, thank you for sharing!


Holy Moly! These patterns make me want to take a week off work just to stitch them. Thank you, thank you for sharing!



Thanks for sharing, I'm so inspired. I have a long train ride ahead of me tomorrow & need a project. Thank you for sharing about your little comfort pillows (to heat in micro). I made these as gifts to take to family I'm visiting, plus some handmade chocolates.;)


Oh my goodness!! The cuteness, makes my hands itch to stitch!! What a wonderful book!


Such fun, whimiscal embroidery designs--love them! Happy Days! :o)


that looks awesomely inviting!


The pictures looks lovely, such fine needlework, it's amazing.
I love your site and I'll be back for a visit soon.
Waving at you from The Netherlands !!


Funny and qute :) I am amazed what you do ! I am also waving at you from The Netherlands :)


Oh I adore the rabbit and mole ones best !


They do! Amazing how time and fashion passes till everything old is new again.
The bunny and the mole are just adorable. Thanks for sharing the eye candy!


those are quite the goodies! where to start? way too hard to choose.


I agree !!!! Definitely fresh and new !
This is the kind of book I'd be happy to find in a second hand shop !
Have a nice week !

Account Deleted

Lovely designs! I especially like the cake.


Thanks for sharing these precious pictures. I've been stitching a little and these projects look so cute.


ooooo, darling! each and every one is screaming, "try this!" thanks for sharing these.

paula luckhurst



Hi Friend!! Thinking of you :)
What a fantastic score finding that book!!
I have a serious crush on it. Serious.

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