Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Good grief Vicki!! Look at all these comments! I think you might need to hire some staff :)


Pick me! I love these little quilts, so sweet.

Debbie Kingham

beautiful little quilt and the ladybug means so much to my DH and I, he wished on a ladybug that he would some day marry me. He got his wish and we've been together for 13 years.

Susan Clinkscales

Hi there,

I just found your blog via a link on wee wonderfuls and I love it. Your little quilts are precious. I've always wanted to try quilting, but felt it was too daunting. Your little doll quilts seem like such a joy to make, I may just have to try one.

Thanks for the inspiration,



Am I too late? I always love your blog! It is so very inspiring! Good luck with all your projects, and if I win (providing I'm not too late), This little quilt will go to my 82 year old mama who loves her dolls! thanks for all you do.

Kitty Jimjams

Wow, a lot of people would like that doll quilt! ...and I would too, may I be added to the hat?

I am seriously impressed with the quilts AND the fact that you have a cute ironing board - I never saw such a thing before!


Your site is new to me... followed on through from Wee Wonderfuls. Love the quilts, the embroidery as well. Please put me in, what must be by now, a rather full Easter Bonnet !


Your work is lovely! I have a special little someone who would adore one of your quilties.

:) Happy Spring!


They are adorable. I love the quilts. And I love even more that you're offering one for free.


There goes my knitting for awhile..back to tiny quilts!


darling, simply darling!


I'm so inspired by all the sweet doll quilts I've seen on line recently. I'm not a quilter--that's my mom's passion. But maybe I should try my hand when the results are so adorable!

Voom Voom

Your doll quilts are absolutely lovely! How wonderfully inspiring, thank you!


Like so many others, I loooove the quilts. So inspiring.
If i'm not the lucky winner I'll definitely try to make one myself.


Everything you make is beautiful!


It seems I'm late to the party - but if I'm not TOO late, I would love the opportunity! Your quilts (like all of the wonderful creations I've seen on your site) - are BEAUTIFUL!!! xo


Love, Love, love, all your things. You and your daughter make the most darling things.
I would love to be counted in one your surpise quilt give a way.


I'd love to be added to the bonnet! I just made my way over here for the first time from Wee Wonderfuls. I sew but haven't gotten into quilting and I think you've inspired me to look into it.



Hi, I found you via Wee Wonderfuls! I love your wall!! I have a large piece of felt hanging on my wall that works well - I don't do anything permanent because we move so often.



Oh, I just HAVE to come out of lurkdom for this!


wow never thought i,d find the end. Glad I did, love the quilt.

Elissa & Alexandra

Very pretty work. Please add us to the bonnet (hopefully we won't topple out...)

Niki's Ventures

Your doll quilt is amazing. LOVE your work!


Your little quilts are simply WONDERFUL and I love the colors! I have made one little quilt myself, and once I have more free time I can't wait to make more. They are just too fun and so delicately delightful!


Hi Vicki! I just jumped over here from Wee Wonderfuls, and your scrap quilts are beautiful. I would be so happy and proud to own one!


Beautiful work! You've totally inspired me to make some doll quits for my girls - but I'd LOVE a freebie from you!

Rocks in my Dryer

Ooooo, sign me up! I'd love to win one. Your work is absolutely gorgeous.


I am absolutely delurking here:) I have been enjoying your blog for months and love it all!! I'd love to be in the drawing. Thanks!

Jodi Renshaw

WOW! You really know how to throw a party! Nothing gets people commenting like a chance to win a beautiful handmade quilt :)

Please count me in. Your work is very sweet and I would be honored to display it here in my home.

Thanks for sharing,


i WOULD LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ONE. Dont like my chances though.....that's some bonnet!

Linda Lu

Oh, please pick my name out of your bonnet!!


I'll throw my name into the Easter bonnet! Beautiful work..........


Oh! Pick me! ;)


I just love your designs and ideas! Your blog brings a smile to my face whenever I stop by to visit!


Those are very cute! I especially love the addition of a little personalization. I try for that on my own.........I just love your lamb!


Jamie Vowell

Such an inspiration! Count me in! Jamie


Your quilts are amazing! I just started becoming so interested in arts and crafts and your site is so inspiring! I only hope I can someday come close to half the stuff you do! I'd love the chance to win one of the free quilts!

Thank you =)


Wow, what a response!! I'd love to win too, so please enter me into your drawing for one of your adorable doll quilts!


I love these little quilts. Maybe I'll have to try to make some of my own from my scraps, but for now, I'll hope to win from you!


Wow!! Clearly you've got lots of talent and all of us are just dying to get our hands on the goodies. I love the little quilts. Your attention to detail is amazing.



Love the little quilts, and am super-excited about the contest.

Janet K

Love your site and love the little quilt! How nice of you to be so giving! Thanks, Janet


I so enjoy your blog, and the beautiful photos and inspiration I find here with every visit. Thanks so much for being you and sharing with all of us. Love the little doll quilts too - what a cute embroidered sheep. Sign me up for the contest!


I love your work,beatiful little quilts. I'm new in blogland and you are a great inspiration.


I love blogs! I get so much inspiration form all of you talented women! Your doll quilts are lovely and I would LOVE to have one!!


I just jumped over from Wee Wonderfuls after seeing the doll quilt you sent Hilary. Wow, what a great contest! I'd be thrilled to win one of your delightful little quilts.


Love the quilts. My 21-month-old daughter is currently very into putting baby dolls to bed (or stuffed bunnies or whatever), so we'd love to add a new quilt to the rotation!


I've also just blipped over from Wee Wonderfuls! Great doll quilts! I just finished my first one a few weeks ago and am now totally inspired to save and use those scraps! Count me in on the contest (if you have any more room in that Easter bonnet!)


All of you crafty ladies are so inspiring! These are so gorgeous; thank you for the inspiration, even if it's only remotely (although, there's always hoping.... ahem!). And my god -- what vintage shops do you frequent? I will be keeping my eyes peeled....


Your small quilts are beautiful, and have been an inspiration to me. I have done very little quilting in recent years, but your beauties are stirring the inner quilter in me again. Thanks and have a great day.


What a wonderful opportunity! Please count me in. Looking forward to April 1st. Someone will be very happy. Your work is beautiful.


I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and have checked in regularly ever since. Everything you make is beautiful! Also when you featured the Ondori embroidery book recently it was so inspiring that I went out, found myself a copy and have discovered how easy it is to transform something mundane into something pretty and special with a little bit of embroidery. So, thank you for that. Whether I win the little quilt or not I'm happy to have had the excuse to de-lurk and say hello. Thank you for sharing all the lovely things in your life.


I would love to have a tiny quilt.


Oh my GOODNESS!!! I doubt I'll get it being the 460th Comment, but still- they're sooo adorable I must TRY! Your craftsmanship is beautiful and your blog is visited everyday for creative inspiration! Thanks!!


I've been reading here every day for months, and after seeing all the tiny quilt excitement, I decided it's worth delurking to throw my name in the bonnet!

amy j

put me in the hat! how exciting! maybe i will have a nice birthday surpise and win the quilt. ooh, i hope so.


Oh how fun!!! Love the sweet fabrics. AH! Spring is so fabulous!


i keep peeking in here and see these comment numbers go up and up and up and i'm not that lucky of a person when it comes to blog give-aways, so i thought why should i enter my name. but reading today's post made me think it's not REALLY about the give-away, but more about the community. and these comments do carry meaning, so i just have to add my doll quilt love here. all you quilter's are pushing me to want to try one of my own, and as i am a stitch-by-hand kind of sewer, a quilt seems out of the question...until now. maybe it's all worth a try.

thanks for all the inspiration here, i've loved watching your blanket project over the year, and have started cutting into a few blankets of my own. and love, really LOVE your little french knot lamb on this one. :)


What an amazing idea ,I love your little quilts .I might even get round to making one myself lol


I tried leaving a comment days ago but it didnt' take so here I am again and boy are there alot of comments left It seems everyone loves your precious doll quilts as much as I do. Please count me in I would love to win one of your treasures


Oh, what an opportunity! These are adorable. Please sign me up. It's always such a pleasure to visit here.


Vicki - I've been lurking and wondering if I want to start little quilts for some of my dolls. Egad - not another craft. But I do have some lovely scraps. Your quilts are beautiful and I would love one. Hope I am not too late to enter the fray.

Courtney Ferguson

Your blog is so fun to read, and yes I am a lurker. But love your work and enjoy visiting your sunny neck of the woods!


Pick me! Love the blog! Rosemary


#471 here * First time to your blog ever. What fun and What neat neat quilts. I'd love to through my name in your bonnet!
Fingers crossed, such fun to be a part of this, katie


Absolutely adorable quilts! I am new to sewing in general and have been reading many quilt books not sure how to begin- but a doll quilt looks so fun and un-intimidating! Thank you for the inspiration and the opportunity to win one of your sweet quilts!

Linda Vandenberg

You are truly talented. I would love to have one of your handmade doll quilts. You are one of my favorite blogs. I don't know how you find the time to do all that you do! What is your secret?


I'd love to win one for my daughter, and for me!


Patti Gagliardi

Yours is the first blog that I've ever visited! Since then, I've become addicted - checking yours each day and visiting most of the ones that you list. But I must say that your blog is my favorite - your photos and words are like a little heaven to my day. Thank you so much and keep up the great work on your blog! p.s. I love working with wool as well and have enjoyed your blanket statement. I have several blankets that I am working with, but never thought to keep track of all that I make from them!


Well, thats enough to lure me out of lurkdom! Love your blog!



hard to sit still after perusing your inspiring work. currently half-way through a mini wall quilt of an earthworm for my little guy. toss me in please!


Ooooh, can you please fit me into your Easter Bonnet? :) I just found your site a few days ago and love it, I will have to dig into the archives to catch up on all the reading. The quilts are absolutely adorable, such little works of art!


What a great idea! I too love making little projects, and until the term "doll quilt" started poping up lately, I never knew what to do with them...hmmm. Thanks for offering one up, these are always fun to watch!

Sue B

would love for you to put my name in the hat for one of these cute little quilts!

elvia m. lupercio

love you doll quilts!

terri w

Your blog is a visual treat I look forward to every morning. I'll throw my name into the hat also. I used to own a quilt shop about 15 years ago, and you've inspired me to dig out some of the leftovers and create some doll quilts of my own. Thanks.


How exciting! Throw me in please!


I'm all the way over in Australia, but I would just love the chance to win one of these for my precious daughter.


I've been lurking for a while, very happy to come out from behind the bushes in the hopes that one of your lovely doll quilts could be mine!


Pleae include in your wonderful drawing! Thank you


Give aways are great and their even better when you win a beautiful quilt made by you. I hope I the lucky winner!


I love stopping by here.


What a wonderful idea for using up scraps (which we all have). Thanks for the idea and I would love to win one of your quilts.


Love all of them ...so pretty...came by via wee wonderfuls.


The doll quilts are really a very nice idea!
I want to start some myself :)

Let´s see if I get lucky and get one of yours to star my collection!



WOW at the responses! I'm expecting a little one in November, and I'd love to win a freebie doll quilt! They're really beautiful!


Kristine Hudson

I have been a long-time fan!! Your site is soooo inspirational. I love everything you do, and the little quilts are so gosh darn CUTE!! I almost did not post b/c of the huge # of posts! But here I go!! Thank you for this contest!



Golly gee, what fun! I have long loved reading about your family and creations. Your blog is so cheerful and peaceful and lovely and I always leave with a warm feeling in my heart. Thank you for the continual inspiration and also for the chance to win a bit of the sweetness!


hi vicki,
my first time leaving a comment, but an avid reader of your blog. all of your projects are inspiring.

jan connell

Love your doll quilts...please put my name in your box for your drawing..thanks..Jan


They are all so lovely! I adore that little lamb! I can't help but jump on the band wagon and leave a comment of my own! My fingers are crossed!


Your work is lovely and your generosity amazing. Thank you for doing this. Happy Spring to you--


Spring is bursting out all over here in Virginia. Newby lurker...love it all!

Lisa K.

Woot! I think I'm NUMBER FIVE HUNDRED!! Goodness gracious, you're the belle of the ball!

I'd loooove one of your doll quilts, but I'll start one of my own soon in case I don't win!

Helen Gillis

Your doll quilts are wonderful, and I enjoy your blog very much. I'm crossing my fingers I win one of your lovely creations!

Thank you.

Helen in Malden, Massachusetts


WOW WOW WOW. That is three WOWs - one for the wonderful doll quilts, one for over 500 comments! and the third for how much I love your patterns. (just got my order today yippee!)

Add me to the mix please!


I'd love to win! Beautiful work!


Just found your blog, very nice!
Please put my name in the bonnet!

Yvonne / Belgium


Love your quilts !!!!


My goodness, I can't believe that you're at 500+ comments already. Just goes to show how fabulous your doll quilts look. Very sweet and divine bits of inspiration. :-)

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