Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Hi Vicki, I love your blog!!! I also read "Wee Wonderfuls" blog and love the doll quilt you sent her! Also, your little quilt with the lamb is adorable. I would love to have one of your creations! Please add me to the bonnet!


Oh how fun. I just love to read your blog and I am officially delurking. I love your sweet doll quilts.


How adorable ! I'd love to be entered in your drawing! Thanks-Becky dbbynum@pld.com


Hi... I'd love to have one of these beauties in my home! Thanks so much.


Sorry - I feel like I'm jumping on the band wagon - but I love those quilts. Mary

Pecos bluee

Very inspiring--great fun and gives me some fun ideas.


Hi - Delurking. I love your quilts! I have a little girl who would put it to good use. Thanks for the inspiration.

That is really awesome you are very crafty
wish I was able to do that

Jane and the ducks

Tres tres joli! I love the tiny qilts!


What wonderful work you do! I would be very happy to win your little doll quilt to give to my mother who loves her dolls!


I love your little quilts they are little works of art. Please add my name to the hat.


Thank you for many hours of enjoyment. Best, Catherine


Oh, how sweet they are! I'll throw my name into the bonnet. Design walls are the best, aren't they?


I love doll quilts!
Would love to own and display one of yours.
I am delurking to say how much I love reading your blog and enjoy seeing all your pictures...and hopefully add your doll quilt to my collection!

Holly Bulach

I would LOVE a darling doll quilt for my little girl! They appear soooo beautiful, as is your blog. By the way, just received my pink cupcake from Grace and it's beautiful!


just beautiful! your family is so talented and blessed. :)


I just found your blog from the Wee Wonderfuls! So cute! Blessings on your little one!


wow so many people is there room for one more? they are all so lovely. i admire the work.


Fabulous quilts! And I'm noticing a trend in your family- things in 'miniature' (doll quilts, bakeries, cakes, pies :) Such a talented family!Love it all!


i am new to the blogging world... and the creative blogging world has offered such inspiration! what fun i have had getting to know everyone (cyber speaking). i've always intended to make a mini quilt with my scraps - but alas, never did! maybe this is the inspiration i needed. thanks. and i'd love to be in the running for your april fools quilt.


i am on the verge of finishing my first quilt- it is big and i have to move furniture to work on it- i'm thinking doll size is the way to go! please enter my name in your drawing.


Love love love the begin again quilt.
hope there is room for one more in your nifty name drawing machine!


I have a design wall just like this in my quilt studio. They are so great. I love your little doll's quilt. Great job!


I so wish that I was a tiny bit creative and handy. I guess I can still practice! Would love a doll quilt for my sweet little girly! Who wouldn't?


I adore your doll quilts! I made a couple myself a few years ago for the doll bunk beds my dad made when I was a kid. They're now in my daughters room and look pretty cute. Have a great day!


ooohhh, pick me, pick me. what a fun idea for a giveaway. thanks for sharing :)


Delurking to join the fun! Woopee! I hope I win,I just got Blythe dolly!


You're very talented. Thanks for sharing.


hi, vicki and grace!!
it's hannah :) cute quilts! grace, i'm writing you soon.


Hope I have a chance! Beautiful work!


i am so late,
but going to try anyway

Peggy Vonburg

Make me number 539 to comment! I love visiting you and admire your handiwork -- have tried to post before but it never seems to go through??


I just came over from Wee Wonderfuls. Your little doll quilts are adorable! Love your sense of color!

Barbara C.

Well here I am to compliment your lovely work and throw my hat in the ring.
An ex lurker, non blogger too!
Barbara C.


Wow!! I hope your Easter bonnet is very large to hold all these names! LOL I just found your blog today--and I love it! Your little quilts are adorable and, as a fellow embroidery and hand-stitching afficianado, I love seeing what others are up to.
Smiles, Karen


I have the perfect person to give the doll quilt to if I win! Much as I'd love to keep it, someone else needs one more than me.

Jette K

I have been visiting your blog on a regular basis for the past year or so. I do quilt myself, but would still love to own one of your lovely little quilts!


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