Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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So many comments already, but I can't help myself! The quilt you made Hillary was delightful, as are the others you've got going on -- very inspirational! Thanks for sharing--


Oh! SO sweet! How nice of you to do a giveaway!!


I have been ogooling your quilts for some time now. Please add my name to the list. Your work is delightful.



oh, those are quite lovely! :)


Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love your doll quilts!


Found you through Wee Wonderfuls, so glad I did! I want a chance to win one of your gorgeous dolly quilts!


Wow, lots of comments!! I'd love a titchy quilt, it would be a lovely heirloom for my newborn baby girl Esme Fae.


What adorable little quilts, I am amazed at the number of comments you have here!!! I hope to one day learn to quilt myself but for now I just hope I am the lucky one to win one of yours :)


You are truly a inspiration for non-quilters, like myself! I was so inspired by your quilts that I am going to attempt to make one for my little girl. But in the mean time, please put my name in the Easter bonnet. You are so generous.


The odds aren't looking very good, but I can't pass up an opportunity like this!! Please add my name to the bonnet ;-) Your quilts are wonderful, especially the one for Hillary. What a treasure!

K. Anne

I saw the quilt you made for Wee Wonderfuls, just gorgeous. Then I came to this post and saw the adorable embroidered sheep on your quilt here. Is that all free hand or did you follow a pattern?

And yeah, I'll admit it... I'd love to be entered to win a mystery quit too. Thanks!


They're delightful.


Ooooo please add my name to the bonnet! I've been lurking for awhile now enjoying your lovely work.


Holy cow! Look at all the comments! Throw my name in the bonnet, please, because those things are just beautiful. The embroidery really makes them great, too.


they are all so adorable- love them!

Diannia McDonald

I would be honored to receive one of your little quilts. Can I send chocolate as a bribe?


Diane B.

WOW! I didn't think I'd be at the end of such a long list of admirers but your offer of a freebie doll quilt is just as irresistable as your beautiful work and awe inspiring website. Bet you had no idea how many lives you've touched and brightened by your blog. Diane


Your petite quilts are such happy creations. I would be truly thrilled should I happen to be the lucky recipient! Bravo on your work.

Heather McClure

I love your website! You have such a creative family. The dollhouse bakery is my favorite for sure!!


These doll quilts are gorgeous, I also would have a very special place for a doll quilt,so count me in, please.

Tracy Wood Franklin

Ooo... I love the Lady Bug Doll quilt. I made doll quilts with my grandmother when she was making large quilts starting when I was at tiny girl. I have not quilted in years. But this blog reminds me so much of my dear grandmother. I think I will get some scraps and start quilting. Grandma would love to know I was quilting! Please count me in for a chance to win!


I would be blessed!


I'm a moter of three boys. I love to make dolls clothes. Today I bought she sweetest little vintage doll pram just for me. Your gorgeous quilt would be ferfect in it.

Hugs from Sol in Norway


So loving doll quilts lately...beautiful!


Oops! Talented!!! Not tallented!!!


They are so gorgeous!! I'm glad to have discovered you!


Your quilts are just so beautiful!
I'm just learning (well teaching myself) how to quilt and have a long way to come yet, but yours are an inspiration!

Julie Ratcliffe

Hi. Another lurker tempted out of obscurity by your very kind offer. I love coming back to look at the inspirational pictures you post. Thanks.


Kim Sherrod

wow! How could I knot add my name in the bonnet? I am the 334th comment!!! WoW!!! I wanna see how many you get on this by the 30th! Wow! I am having fun with the tiny ones too! I don't want to do the other stuff- I am trying to finish an apron and it seems like work now! LOL!!! I love your embroidery! Crypta on Flickr keeps posting pictures of her real sheep and I just want to make one so bad! Happy Spring! Did you go to the tea party at Artsymamma's blog? she had a thousand comments I think! The links are on my blog- it was sweet but I missed it too! Maybe we can have our own craft party with cupcakes and tea!! :) Kim


I would love to sign Up! these are too cute!


don't know how i didn't know about your blog before...i'm so out of it! love your quilts, the hillary quilt is so sweet! especially love the little embroidery.

~ bridgette ~

Adorable! Please throw my name into the bonnet. I've got a one in 337 chance so far!


i too would love one of the quilts - i've been a (quiet) long-time watcher of your blog - you have SUCH beautiful style & creations :)


Those quilts are SO CUTE - I wish you would make some full-size ones to sell! I'm always so inspired by you. -Caroline

Claudia Delgado

V, please put my name in the bonnet...my 5-year old girl who is OBSESSED with dolls will fight me for it if I win (she even goes so far as to put her 4-months old little brother into her vintage doll crib), and I think she's going to win :-)

these are gorgeous...


Ashley Kuchenmeister

Wow! You really know how to rack up the comments don't you! Lovely site and even lovelier quilts!


Whoa what a bunch of comments!!! You have such talent!!

Jamie Willett

So amazingly adorable. Would love to be in the drawing...

Jeanna Morgan

I would love to have a doll quilt. You are so talented and so inspirational.

Michelle Gragg

What a cute little sheepy! I would love anything handmade. Your little quilts are a delight!!

Renee Alam

Hi.I would love to be included in your drawing.I recently acquired an American Girl look alike doll and crib for my daughter and it's still hiding b/c I was hoping to have a little blanket for the crib & also find a pretty dress for her,so I hope I win this so my daughter's doll has a nice little crib to sleep in.Your quilts are so beautiful,keep on inspiring us by sharing your lovely pictures of them. :) Thanks.Renee

jesica dehart

beautiful quilts and the doll quilt craze seems to be hitting us all over the place. I have been sewing some for by boys and their babies and also for our Waldorf Parent/Toddler Program. There is something so wonderful about seeing something used and loved by children in their play. It has also been a fun way to colaberate a bit with my 3 year old who loves to pick out the fabrics. Maybe it is time for a giant doll quilt swap.....In the meantime throw my name in your bonnet as it would be so much fun to win one of your pieces!


I am an old person who has been reading your website for almost a year, I guess, I cant really remember when I started. I am 60(they say it is the new 40) I have never quilted, because most of my life I have worked teaching 1st grade. Now , I take care of my elderly mother.. altzhiemers. What a nightmare. Anyway, I found out about a month ago that I am going to be a grandmother for the first time! I would LOVE to have one of your quilts. Thank you for the kind offer. I hope I am the lucky one. P.S. JUST yesterday, I got high speed internet! aWhoooo hoo! I am trying to join the nineties!


I feel sadly lacking that I can't seem to find the time to be as productive as you. My 3 year old and 12 week old just seem to keep me on my toes and rarely sitting down! As much as Ella loves the sewing machine, it's just not as easy sewing with her on one knee and Leila on the other. Winning one of your pieces would lessen pressure on me to even attempt making such lovelies right now!

wow Vicki,

You have gotten the biggest responce to a freebie I think I have ever seen!!!
Congratulations! I love all the items you and your daughters come up with, you guys really are very inspiring. Keep up the good work, Kathie


I would love love love a teeny tiny quilt. I'm also a hand quilter!


I love your little quilts. They are very sweet.


Wow, how generous of you! It would be so fun to win something from someone as talented as you.

geraldine k

I have just made a doll quilt for a friend's daughter and agree ....it's addictive ! I love yours ....and 4 year-old Kyra thinks you can never have too much of a good thing !


Please put me in....I know I'm one of many who would love to be blessed with one of your quilts. I have been checking your website, for several months. I come almost daily, knowing I will find inspiration every time I visit. I have always loved crafting, sewing, quilts, fabric, etc....but until recently, I would only imagine all of the things I wanted to make. I am finally beginning to experiment and use all of my stash to make things. Thanks for your frequent posts...many ideas are inspired by your sharing. Also, it is such an encouragement to see mothers & daughters doing these things together.


comment #347 for identification purposes...lol...took a half hour to scroll down. love these little quilts from second I saw first one on flickr. have fun getting all these names into a bonnet, lol, you could prob. make a quilt with them...he he..Lia

Happy Zombie

Laughing at the comment above me... I was thinking the same thing about the scrolling.

I love your mini's... your studio is adorable!


I want one; please count me in for one of your creations! They look great and I love the one you made for Hilary!!!

Cindy Ericsson

Wow, the quilts are so beautiful! The winner will be so lucky -- hope I'm the one!


I love your projects...so inspiring!


Hello, Wow you have a lot of readers! May I perhaps be a lucky winner out of 361 comments so far? I am not sure if you are getting all of these posts, probably too many to keep track of, but I am your mini swap partner from last year. I started a blog that is definitely not as lovely as yours, but if you have a chance, I'm leaving the link. We still have fond memories of participating in that swap! And the Unshooling conference is coming near you! How exciting! Take Care, Sara


I love your work, and really I just had a question about hand quilting. I couldn't find a contact for you so I had to post here. Maybe you could e-mail me or contact me through my blog. Seeing as though you have a lot of friends, I will be waiting paitently. Thanks so much!


361 posts. Unbelievable! You are so popular! And I'd love to have my name in the bonnet for one of those darling quilts!


Wow there are so many comments! I would love to win one. I should really start making doll quilts too since I sometimes abandon large quilts because they take too long!

Sara Wright

OK, so I seem to have a better chance of winning the lottery than the quilt. But you know what they say...Can't win if you don't play!


Vicki, Your doll quilts are beautiful!! I would love to have one! Please out my name in your Easter Bonnet! Gail Mathes


Those are such sweet, happy quilts...the very best kind of quilts!


I would love a chance at your doll quilt! Love the first photo of the lamb...french knots look great on a quilt, never tried to mix embroidery & quilting. Love the idea wall, can't wait to view the first post on it. Thanks for your generosity!

Jennifer Lewis

wow--what a dream it'd be to actually win one of your original works of art. your blog is pure eye candy. i love everything you make!!

Beth Dasecke

ohh wow how cute are your little dolls quilts I would love to winn one can you please add my name to your very long list
have a fab day
Beth Au

ann c

Lovely and exciting!
How very sweet of you!


These are so sweet! Count me in, please.


OH OH! ME ME ME! PICK ME! heheh ;)


Hi Vicki, WOW...WOW...WOW!
Many sweet names are going
into the Easter Basket!
Please add my name too!
Happy Spring,


Please add me to your list - a big sigh came out as I scrolled down the names already in the draw - but, you have to be in it to win it - so here I am. Thanks so much for being so generous - crafty bloggers are ace!


Oh how wonderful... Please please please let it be me!!


I'm laughing to myself at the lengthening odds on getting picked - but hey - nothing ventured, nothing gained! Would love one for my DD


I love your doll quilts I'm having a baby boy in July and could easily see him taking a little doll quilt around with him has his blankie.


I'm in love with these--just lovely. My 2 1/2 year old would be in heaven to have one for his little robot and spaceboy softies.


Coming out of lurkdom for a chance to win one of your beautiful doll quilts! What a generous gesture - thank you!


Wow! You are going to need a pretty big Easter bonnet to hold all of these names! Add me to the list of people who think your quilts are fantastic and sweet. *crosses fingers and toes*


Oh my goodness...look how many comments! Nothing like a give-away for delurking ;-) I LOVE your french knot sheep. How sweet. Your blog is always a treat. Thank you.

charlotte lyons

Dang, that's a whole lotta lurkers! Scrolling down here was like falling down a rabbit hole...beautiful work, who wouldn't want to be included! Hoping I'm in. xoC


Hello from Val-d'Or, Qu├ębec ! Those are yummy & beautiful. i would be honoured to win one of your creations ! *Crossing fingers* !


So beautiful! Please enter my name in for the drawing!

Dale Anne

Your little quilts are adorable!

Joan Fowler

Throw my name in that Eater bonnet. I love your little quilts and I know my granddaughter will love it for her dolls.


Beautiful...and inspirational. I'd love a chance to win one of your lovelies. Thanks.

kerry :: k8tykat

winning one of your mini quilts would be a special spring treat.

**crossing fingers**

Julie M

Would love to win one of your adorable little quilts!


hi, i am learning to sew and will learn to quilt soon too. i should start with little quilts!


Alright...so I'm a lurker :)
But I'm a lurker in love with your work. I'd love the opportunity to "win" one of your works of art.


Wow, i posted about 2oo back..its amazing how many post you get when you offer something free isnt it..if your drawing out of a hat its going to be a big one isnt it!
Have a good weekend



Alright, the story about Grace designing the program to select the winner got me. Three cheers for her! My maiden name is Grace and I've been a science/math/craft geek my whole life. Congrats to you for offering so much inspiration and room to be imaginative, both to your girls and to your readers!


These are so sweet. Love the color combos. Please count me in as well.

jen many

my little girl would love to have one of these for her many, many baby dolls.
so many comments...so little chance...


Wow! I knew you were popular but my goodness..You are truly admired :D


Holy Cow!!! You have quite the following, don't ya?! I've been a long-time reader but also a lurker.

Well, add my name to the large bonnet please. I am always amazed at how perfect you life looks. You have a knack for making everything so quaint and picture perfect. I can only imagine the inspiration you give people.


You've got to be in it to win it so please add me to the loooong list of hopefuls all longing to be the proud owner of one of your little quilts :)


Super cute little quilts!! I would love to be a winner of one of these :D


Oh my goodness! Four hundred plus comments!Whew I am in awe as you probably are!
My first time here and what a welcome sight to behold! Add me to your {{{{long}}}} list I am sure my little grandaugter will LoVe one of these special creation in her room!
thank you


First time commenter to your blog. Love all your dolly quilts. Would love to enter for the drawing. =)


Oh! Me! Me! Pick me! Love the inspiration of your site - keep blogging along and I will be a happy camper!


Me too. I'd like to enter the drawing. The quilt it adorable.


Your blog and website have brought me hours of pleasure while I'm home fighting breast cancer. I had no idea what fun people have while I've been sitting at work all these years. I plan on changing my life. Your little quilt is beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for being out there. Please enter my name.

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