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I would never turn down a chance for such cuteness!


put me in the Easter bonnet please!
What wonderfully beautiful sweetness you make.


Oooh, ooh, please put my name in the hat. I'm not a quilter myself and I love these little things so much!


Wow! I'd love to get one of your doll quilts! They're so lovely! I hope I win!


Oh who wouldent love one of theese as a easter surprise! April fools day eh? Thats just one day before my 14th birthday! Yippie!

Jen W.

let me sleep, and dream of sheep...


How cute and what an inspiration!


Oh my goodness, how could I not leave a comment? Those quilts are utterly beautiful. 'Scuse me while I run away to my sewing machine...

maize hutton

Ooooo, please, please, please add me?

Lots of cuteness!


Those are adorable. I'm glad Hillary posted a link to your blog. :)

Jessica Pearl

Gee, it's kind of crowded in here! I say it is time to clean out the Easter bonnet of all those extra names, only one is needed- Jessica Pearl!



I've been reading your blog for a while and love the quilt and other creations you've created. Keep it up because I always need inspiration. Thanks. Sally


Oh me me me!! Please? :D





Love your work!
I am throwing my name in the hat (bonnet).
Thanks so much!


omg - I need to thank Hillary from wee wonderfuls for pointing me your way - your quilts are darling! I think my sewing room could be calling...


I come to your site every day and check in to see what you are doing. And when I have time I look around the archives and am never disappointed. :)


You are such an inspiration! I love seeing what you and your daughters come up with!


Oh I love all the colors on your wall and that little sheep is just scrumptious.

Add my name to that Easter bonnet please :)

And thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with the world.



I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now...love the dollhouse bakery, the wool blanket projects, and now the doll quilts. Since I have a hard time finishing a big quilt, maybe I should try some small ones for more instant success. And I am definitely shopping pattern bee soon! Thanks for the inspiration.


Well, I may as well join in. Your blog is always so much fun. Thanks.



Beautiful quilts. Love them.


I wish I had half the talent for this stuff as you do.


Count me in Vicki--couldn't think of a nicer gift coming in the mail to make me smile:-) Best of luck to everyone!!!


count me in! I LOVE these, what inspiration you are!



PS I read you every day ; )

Artsy Momma

Oh my! The odds are stacked against me but I want to throw my name in the bonnet as well! My daughter would absolutely love one of your quilts!


Oh I like. if I am not chosen (and I probably won't be) I will have to use you as inspiration to make my daughter a doll quilt.

jenni s

super sweet quilts! + it is sweet of you to do a give away.


count me as one of the lurkers, I love your quilts and a doll size one to hang on my wall may just inpsire me to get started on my own!

Mary Ann

I really enjoy reading your blog. You are so talented!


Your quilts are very sweet!


cute little quilts and you sure have a good turn out for your drawing!!!


Wow....I love all the little touches you put on your things. I would LOVE a quilt for my daughter's dolls!!



what lovely little quilts. they're all so wonderful!


Much better odds then the lottery... and very much more treasured!!!!


I love your blog. Thank you so much for letting me enter!


ooooooo I would love to see one of these creations in person!

katie r

love the doll quilts. even if mine isn't the lucky name, these are great inspiration. . . i'm seeing doll quilts in my girls' easter baskets. . . thanks!


I would love one of the doll quilts!


Your quilts are beautiful!

Karen Bordner

I love the little lamb in the corner: The Lord is my Shepherd. You are such an inspiration to me!


How cute! I am just starting quilting and your little doll quilts are so inspirational.


Love the little quilts everywhere lately!


hi vicki! i just clicked in from wee wonderfuls and love these little quilts... and of course before i did anything else i added you to my bloglines. i'd love a chance at one of your quilts.. thanks for making us all the offer.


Oh dear, I would absolutely adore something made by you.

I'm really tempted to make my own doll quilts as well, though I'd be unsure of what to actually do with them. They seem like they'd be a good introduction into quilting, though, which would be really nice.


Ahhh, absolute loveliness in mini quilt form! The anticipation of possibly having such a treasure is better than waiting on the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and Santa Claus himself!


well, your work is lovely and spirited as usual. thank you for (really) sharing it!

Leigh Anne

Your quilts are just lovely. Really.


Oh! Pick me!


OOOohhh, I really wanna learn to sew! Please enter me into your bonnet!


Hello! I would love to have a chance to win one. I


So so pretty!


What lovely quilts...


Wow.... please place my name in your Easter bonnet... give it a good swirl... and I'm crossing my fingers... that you will pick me.

Happy Spring!


Dear Vicki- I love all of your projects and would especially love to have a quilt of yours for my daughter due to arrive this August! She is #5 for us and our first girl so the excitement level around here is pretty high! Anyhoo, I may just pop over and buy one if I'm not the winner because I think you're going to have a lot of entries. I especially love the little embroidery in the corners, the lamb is so sweet and I kind of have a thing for sheep. I was already sort of planning a little pink and green baby quilt loosely based on your little lavender quilt which I really love. I don't usually hand quilt but I love the way yours looks so I think I may try it. Let me know if you have any tips! I'm also really looking forward to my order I'm expecting from you! Ok, this is long!


Count me in too!

You have inspired me to make my own. Thanks!

Michelle Quinn

Your quilts are so beautiful! I saw the one you sent on Wee Wonderfuls. I'm in the process of adopting and am enchanted with all things little and doll like right now! I would love to win one of your quilts!


Delurking to say 'beautiful'! Such crafty goodness.

Emily S

I'm loving your dolly quilts. You are wonderful inspiration!!


Oh, I want to win for my baby girl!


Wow, you have really opened up the flood gates! The added touches are so nice (like the sheep)

Amie Ladd

Hey, Please toss my name in the bonnet! My little baby girl would love to have a quilt for her babies!
By the way-I love the picture's you post! Your home is so beautiful it looks like the pages in a magazine!-Amie Ladd


Crossing my fingers...


That's some comment list!! :) I LOVE the little sheep! Are those french knots for his wool? So lovely.


That's beautiful! I love the sheep.


Ha! There are 167 comments so far and still a week left to add comments here. That's some STIFF competition! LOL.


Your little quilts are too-too! Love them. Please put my name in your Easter bonnet.


Adorable! So sweet and using up scraps...perfect!


Oh! Too too cute!

Ronize Aline

Wow! That's so sweet of you to offer one of this adorable doll quilts to us...they are really gorgeous and you pick the colors so well...since I've been admiring the Hillary's idea of making doll quilts for her new baby I'm so in love with them. We intend to have a baby around soon and your adorable quilt doll would be a good reason to start preparing some stuffs for him/her...


What a generous offer, too good to pass up. And I'll bet you haven't even made a dent in your scrap pile, have you? C'mon, 'fess up!


OMG Vicki those doll quilts are just incredible. I would just love the chance to win one of these. Please put my name in the Easter Bonnet!


I've been lurking around on your blog for quite awhile now. You are always working on such fun things! I would love to have my name in the Easter bonnet to have a chance to one of your sweet doll quilts!


Miss Sassy

Dang. So adorable. What a kind offer!


So precious - love the colors and the wall idea!!! Looks like you are going to needi a big bonnet you to draw from!


What a benefit! I've been visiting your blog since last year around now. In between now and then many events took place for which I needed soothing and your blog was one of the few things that helped me find some escape. I've really been inspired by your work and spirit. Thank you so much.


So precious - love the colors and the wall idea!!! Looks like you are going to needi a big bonnet to draw from!


How could anyone resist this? Your quilts are lovely!


Amazing and adorable! I may have to start on some little quilts too!


I love the embroidery work! That makes it special.


New here; hopped on over from Hillary Lang's and I would love to be a part of your give-away! I love these things, almost as much as I love the little doll quilts!!! Perhaps I should start making some myself, you know, put all of this inspiration to use! :)

Debbie H.

I'd love to win one of your little doll quilts! It would look adorable in the nursery next to the little redwork quilt I just made from Patternbee!


Adorable. Count me in.


Beautiful! That little sheep is perfect!


How very fun...I am feeling a bit inspired to make a little one myself, but would love to use yours as a guide!


Count me in. I love your little doll quilts! This is the first time I've been to your blog.


Pick me!! I love those doll quilts and hope to be able to have one of it. It'll be a surprise to receive it in the mail, a parcel from overseas!!

Liz in IL

Oh I would LOVE to win this giveaway - your quilts are so delicious... I love the doll-size and the embroidery is just the right touch - please pick me! :)


doll quilts i love
especially these...
choose my name

Michele Smit

LOVE the doll quilts! I have 2 daughters that would adore one :) (Did you think you would have THIS many responses!?! WOW! :)

dede warren

lets do a swap with these! whatdaya think? i think it could be lots of fun!!!!


Toss me in the bonnet. I think they are adorable... Great work..


I love your quilts. I have been looking for a fun little project and I think I will try my hand at these. I love to quilt, but am in the middle of language studies so don't have the time for any big projects! I enjoy your blog and seeing all the fun things your are doing.


I would love one of your quilts.Im very new to this and just love your sight.I made a couple lambkins and made my first guilt last week.If not for your sight I would never had tried a guilt.


I would love one of your quilts.Im very new to this and just love your sight.I made a couple lambkins and made my first guilt last week.If not for your sight I would never had tried a guilt.


Comment #201 has got to be lucky (right?). :)
I love the colors and the ideas - and I'd love to have one of your doll quilts!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my goodness...201 comments already. That will have to be a really big Easter bonnet.




I would love to hold, cherish and own one of your little quilts! I would smile real big!

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