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Sharon M.

Hi Vicki! I would love a chance to have one of your beautiful quilts! I have suddenly become entralled with quilting and embroidery--I watch all the quilting shows on PBS and I am going to take up embroidery again after not having sewn a stitch for about 25 years. Your work is lovely!

Mama Urchin

These are so great and I love the embroidery you're doing too. I need to make a doll quilt - so sweet.

Nancy Crawford

I love your little quilts!


How exciting! I'd love one of those little quilts for my daughter's room! Absolutely beautiful! I've been admiring your blog for awhile and I must say that you make some beeeeeautiful things! Happy Spring! Natalea


Here is my name for the bonnet! Thanks for all the inspiration, and a peek into your world! Lovein' it!!


I too love making little quilts....love to paper piece them. I really enjoy reading your blog....lots of eye candy.


well sho WOULDN'T want one of these sweet little quilts!?!?!


Love these quilts! I really need a design wall like that, so useful...


You've inspired me to reduce my stash by making little quilts...a great idea!


No hesitation...count me in, Vicki!!


I agree, who wouldn't want one? Please count me in!

Mrs. Staggs

I've enjoyed this little glimpse into your craft room Vicki. Your design wall reminds me of the flannel boards I used to make when I was a student teacher in a pre-school once upon a time.
Love that little spring lamb made of French knots. So sweet!


These quilts are lovely!

I am all too happy to leave a comment in this post!


Please enter me in the easter bonnet :) I love those little beauties! I think I will have to try one my self!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful offer :)



Long time lurker, first time poster. Here I am, commenting in the hopes of winning an adorable doll quilt.
Your blog is just dreamy. I always see beautiful things here that provide a wealth of inspiration!
Thanks for a consistently fun read!


Oh count me in. I have been wanting and meaning to make a doll quilt for my daughter but well, having a non-napping 2.5 year old just doesn't leave me much time for sewing. I can knit alright but dragging the sewing machine out and taking over the dining table is never a quick task. I'll be doing a little fingers crossed dance on the draw date! Thanks.


I would love to be considered! I am so in love with your work.

And that sheep...adorable!!


I love doll quilts if I had another baby I'd definately do a quilt wall like Hilary.I would love to be in!Now do you mean everyone this time?International shipping OK?


I'm a long time lurker who has been lured out of lurkdom for the chance to win one of your adorable quilts! I adore your blog - keep up the good work! Jo


They are addictive aren't they? I have made 5 recently myself, and have big plans for 6 and 7 already brewing in the old brain!

Tammy in NE

These doll quilts are very sweet! They remind me of the one my grandma made for my daughter 20 years ago. :o)


Please put my name in the bonnet too! I'd be so pleased to own something you created!


De-lurking . . after reading for over a year!!! How sad - I love your blog. Pop me in the bonnet! I am working on paper piecing a little "Grandmother's Garden" Quilt for my 5yo. dd. I should be working on spring dresses but I am determined to get this done first lol. Cheers!


oooh they are all so very so pretty!! I'm a lurker and I'm not commenting to be entered into the drawing. I'm commenting because I want to thank you for being such an inspiration for sewers everywhere!


I love minis and yours are great! Thank you for offering to share.


Oh yes I love little quilts anf things of that sort add me to the list of people who want one any one.

Amy in TX

Me, me. I want to play. I find that quite often scrap projects are the most rewarding things I make.


Thank you for sharing these lovlies, both through photos and in person! My 3yo would love a quilt for her room and dolls, so I enter my name on her behalf! :)


I would LOVE to be entered so that my son's baby doll, Baby George could have a cute quilt to cover his almost invariably naked, anatomically correct little vinyl body!


Long time lurker, long time loving your stuff! Count me in on wishing I could be the name plucked out of the bonnet!

(not requesting, just saying) The quilt with the lamb embroidery - so so sweet!


wow what a treat! Love your work!


Your quilts are lovely! I'd love to toss my name into the bonnet! Thanks for offering. Cheers.


*crossing my fingers*

pick me pick me pick me!

Those quilts are adorable! And I love all of the colors and combos you have picked.

Janice Rehmeyer

Just beautiful work. Count me in. I just got a new sewing machine. My first project is a small quilt for a friend. Yours are so pretty. Janice


Beautiful little quilts! Even though it's unlikely I'll recieve one of from you, I think I may be inspired to make one for my dd's dolls. Your blog is beautiful, one of my favorites!


Ohhh such a lovely chance! I'd love to be in on it!

Ginny Worden

How sweet, how adorable,please include me.



I have a *thing* for quilting and embroidery combined. The wee sheep is adorable!


long time lurker. I'd like to throw my name into the easter bonnet.

Alicia G.

I've been toying with making a doll quilt for my daughter, but yours are gorgeous!


Everything you make is sooo beautiful that I would be honored to hang up one of your doll quilts in my home. *hint hint*


Absolutely adorable!! I can see how they could be addictive to make!


I am coming out of lurkdom! Your quilts are sooo pretty!

Love, Heather


Gorgeous quilts and that sheep is soooo cute. I only wish I had the patience!

small things


Your doll quilts are adorable - especially that sheep! I'm still working on my french knots - I can't imagine the patience to make a whole sheep! Please do put my name in the bonnet - and how sweet and generous of you to do this - thanks!


I LOVE the embroidered sheep..how cute, is it all french knots?

jenny b harris

I'm in! You're such a sweetie! Everything you make is adorable. :o)


oh, french knots...what could be better?
the quilt that you made for hillary is just amazing! how very sweet of you. :)


I just cruised by from Wee Wonderfuls and have got to say, These are AMAZING! Please add my name to the bonnet!


Just adorable!! Please throw my name in the bonnet!!


HI, I really love all your quilts and I love the bright colors in the quilt you sent for Hilary!


Your quilts are too cute! : ] Great job on them all.


very cute!

RD Mama

Pick Me!


Just hopped over from WW. Your quilts are adorable and i'd love the chance to win one!
Really pleased to have another blog to add to the list full of crafty goodness :o)


Ooh, this would be the perfect birthday present for me!!!


First time poster, but I love your work! Of course I would love be added to your bonnet! :)


how cute is that? love it!


What beautiful doll quilts. Please post pictures of all that you've made!


Love your blog! I would love to have one of your little quilts.



Have my fingers crossed!


Ooo its my first visit to your blog and i love it! Thank you for the chance to win one of your wonderful quilts, they are beautiful, one day i hope to be as talented. Until then, i shall hope to be the name picked out of your easter bonnet!


Oh, I'm in! You do beautiful work and this is a wonderful blog...


Those are just the most precious things I have ever seen. I would love to be entered for your draw.


Your little quilts are truly works of art.


daffodils are poking their heads up here in Delaware...I would love a doll quilt to remind me of spring!


OOH, count me in please! Enjoy your blog so much. I'm working a quilt for my daughter now. It's for her toddler bed and is my first "real" quilt. Your little quilts inspire me to get it finished!

Alicia A.

Beautiful little things! Count me in, please!


How can I not be number seventyone to enter for this chance to recieve such a good thing? No way would I miss this. They are all lovely, the one you gave to Hillary, too! Please come soon, strawberry season!


Yay! Put me in, please!

So exciting!


Love your sweet little quilts.

Rosemary P.

Count me in...they are lovely.


Another lurker who enjoys your work...I'd love to be included. Thanks!


::delurking here::

those mini quilts are so wonderful! please include me in your draw. <3


The quilts are so cute. I love that you use random fabrics and pattern. Count me in on the drawing, please!


EEEK! They are too gorgeous not to comment!! Thanks so much for doing this :)


Wow. Not missing this chance. Very good of you. And I don't even have to write Twenty-five Words or Less? Yipeee. Have a good weekend.franx

Jenny Young

Count me in that draw too :)

Bonnie Buckingham

HI Vicki~~ Just putting my name in the hat....so to speak! Hope the corners of your home have been a refuge for you. Spring calls us outdoors here in the Southeast!
Have to find a corner outside on my porch now!


Monica Andrade

I'm delurking here.
Love those mini quilts! Gorgeous! Can I comment a hundred times to increase my chances!?

Melissa Daly

Beautiful quilts! I'm bouncing around the web hoping all these cute quilts will motivate me to finally use my boys' baby clothing to make one or two of these wonderful creations. I have two new nieces so what better time to start creating doll quilts than now : )! If I'm lucky to receive one from your drawing I hope I will be able to get the ball rolling!

Nicola Manning

Count me in too please! Your little quilts are gorgeous!


How wonderful it would be to have a piece of art made by one of my favorite bloggers!

::crosses fingers::


Oooh, how can anyone resist those beauties? Please put my name in the bonnet!


What a treat! You've inspired me to pull out my (bulging) scrap bag and see what emerges.

little jenny wren

Do you have a bonnet big enough for all these names. The little quilts look lovely. I haven't made lambkin yet, I making a little rabbit first.


I love love love the little embroidered lambie! What great fat french knots. Really adorable quilts and I hope I win!


Sign me up for the drawing! I've not yet done any quilting, but once I finish up some cross stitch projects I plan on trying my hand at it. Your quilts are lovely!


I would love one of your gorgeous doll quilts!


Not that I would try to influence your decision, but the 31st is my birthday (and it's a BIG one) :o)

Your little quilts are so very cute!


I'd love to be considered to be put in the hat too ... the one you sent hilary was so bright and beautiful!


what a sweet little lamb on that sweet little quilti


Count me in too! Those are adorable. I love the lamb. The colors are inspiring.


Found you through wee wonderfuls - love the little quilts!


Very adorable! And inspirational. Please add my name to the mix! Thank you.


Oh my gosh! How incredibly sweet and generous of you! (Crossing fingers and toes!)


Let it be me --Oh let it be Me
Blessings to you for being SO generous

Stephanie Cullison

Count me in! These are just too cute not to be in the running to get one. You are making some serious cute there. Good job!


Ooooooh I want to win one! Love your blog, I need a craft room...


Throwing my name into what appears to be a very crowded bonnet. They are really gorgeous.

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