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So cute! Do you think it would be bad to make a doll quilt for a boy? My son carries around his bear like a baby and I've been thinking of making a quilt for it. Not sure my husband would appreciate it, tho. :)


I love all the reds in your patchwork!


So pretty and so happy! I love the color combo too.


That is so pretty, Vicki. Very inspiring, as well. There's been some happy sewing going on here too! :)

jenny b harris

LOL! I just whipped up a little red and white quilt top this weekend! Wait til you see it...

Great minds as they say. ;o)


She will love this!!!!!


Cute, cute---so bright and cheerful, I love those colors set with the white! :D


She will love it!!! I love it!! So cheery and bright, it will be most welcomed and loved!!

SOOO cute!! (but so is everything you do!!)


Very nice looking hand quilting!


That is just the sweetest.

Jenny (The Polka Dot Pixie)

Looooovvvvveeeee! What great colors and patterns!!!!


To Kathy from the first comment: I made a quilt as ordered and art directed by my son for his little stuffed dog. He wanted blue stripes. After that he ordered a Hawaiian shirt. I thought it was really sweet, actually.


How sweet! You picked the perfect prints and colors. Precious!


It's really lovely! Your whole project is such a beautiful idea and I really look forward to seeing the gorgeous end result.

paula luckhurst

I wonder how can you make so many and nice things one after the other.


i love the reds in this...

erin michelle

That is nothing short of delightful. Love it. You're very kind. That is one very lucky baby!


I love the colors in this - so perfect for a ladybug picnic~


adorable! Could this be for a certain Ms. Hillary?


Great colors.


you've really inspired me to make a little quiltie this weekend...love this one! my dd would love one too!

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