Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I adore MOP buttons. Always my fave!!!
Your pillow is just perfect!
As usual...you amaze me, Vicki!


I LOVE your pillow! Yes, perfect!


What a pretty pillow! And such a nice coming together of things that the towel and pillow were the right size for each other. And your heart shaped pincushion is as always delicious.


Love it...it's so delicate and vintage. Great job :D


I couldn't believe it was sunny yesterday, too! So nice! I, too am a fan of vintage MOP buttons, my Mom gave me a ton!

The day I got them, I spread them all out on my table and sorted every last one (to size.) Love the way you used them on your pillow!


The pillow looks gorgeous and those buttons are divine! Great ideas...thanks.


I also love MOP Buttons...every monday i take a walk to the market. I know an old man who is selling sewing stuff. One day he came with a hole box with buttons, old ones. I got it all for 7,50 euro, A bargain ! I was soooo happy. I now use them for different crafts.. Just lovely..
And your pillow is very nice..love the way it turned out :)


The pillow is wonderful and I love the sunny picture!!


Is that you in the picture looking out the window? You are lovely!
I want to frame the cover of my magic cabin easter magazine. Love their stuff.
Great job with the pillows.

Allie from Minneapolis

You are so talented. Everything you make I absolutely love. That pillow is wonderful! And I love your pin cushion. I love your blog :o)


just when i'm feeling so accomplished for knitting my second scarf!!!

Jenny (The Polka Dot Pixie)

Beautiful pillow! You are so creative!


That's a pretty picture of you.


Lovely picture of you--so terrific to see you! That pillow is wonderful! I love MOP buttons too. How do you accomplish so much? Can't wait to see your next creation! BTW,I was so glad to get your email over the weekend. We've been having pc issues, so hadn't been able to get back to you--sorry!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Lovely post!!!


It feels like Spring where I live too. I ate my lunch outside yesterday and was grateful for the mild weather every second I was out there enjoying it.
That pillow is exquisite!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Lovely post!!!


Our sun is out too, but a chilly 20's still. I love reading your blog in the spring as you show and tell as it blooms into spring and summer. I love it because that means our is just around the corner. The pillow is turning out nicely.


Lovely site you have! I'm glad I found your site from Anna Maria! Gorgeous photos and inspiring beauties! Thanks for making my day!


Nice to see you Vicki!!


What a darling pin cushion! I need one of those!
Loving this sunshine! Henry and his friends at school say they're doing "sun-dances" at recess to keep the rain away -- so far its working....


Wonderful to see you!


Wait - there was a contest? and I missed it? I have really got to get Bloglines or such...anywho - congratulations to the lucky winner!

Dale Anne

FABULOUS pillow and I LOVE that cute little pincushion!

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