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oh, EVERY time I see one of your little quilts I want to make one, but I will get sidetracked, so keep them coming so I can get my fill here and not need to do myself! lol! the colors in this are so fabulous and I love that you put the "message" in them. -lia


So lovely Vicki! I'm sure Blair will adore both the quilt and the caring thoughts that went into making it.


It is beautiful!


Being a quilter myself, I know the lovely little message quilt you are sending to Blair will help her heal and comfort her. I love the colors you chose and your stitching is lovely.


Oh, Vicki, that's absolutely the most perfect idea. I was thinking we bloggers should organize something for her, but I didn't know if that would be overstepping any limits, you know? You have the biggest heart.


I love it! Beautiful color and pattern combination. So sweet of you to part with it to uplift another! Have a happy day!


That is so sweet, she will love it.


Absolutely stunning! I LOVE it - what a great idea - message quilts. Especially love the wonderful bird! I'm sure Blair will love it!


hey, i read your blog through google reader, and i wanted to know why is it the photos don't show? it's really annoying...

Mama Urchin

I love the font you used to embroider. I find embroidered words are often scripty so this looks very fresh to me.


What a lovely gesture for Blair I'm sure she'll appreciate the message xxx


Just beautiful.


What a kindhearted soul you are! Bless you. D


The quilt is beatiful and its sentiment is perfect for such a loving gift!


What a lovely gift. The colour scheme matches the sentiment very well, calming and uplifting at the same time. Another triumph!


Message quilts, that's a great idea. This one is so peaceful I'm sure it will do Blair good!


People like you are what make this world a better place. You are so kind to think of someone else's needs and fulfill them by a priceless gesture of love and caring. Beautiful.


Oh it's a lovely quilt and how sweet of you to send it to her, I'm sure she will treasure it.


gorgeous! you are so talented!

little jenny wren

It's an age old custom isn't it, friendship quilts, only this is a simple message from a single person rather than a joint effort from many. So much nicer than a greeting card. Nice thought.


Its so lovely and such a lovely thought.


just lovely! very thoughtful to send off to Blair; the saying is perfect for what she went through.


this quilt is absolutly stunning. you grip my heart dear lady! Who among us has not needed this message at one point or another. Thank you!


So, so lovely. I love how all of the colors seem to dance with each other. It's very serene isn't it?


Blair will love it! What a lovely idea, it's a very inspiring piece you made. I starred at it for a long time, soaking it in. That's one of the best pieces I've seen of yours and that's really saying something!!! As always, you amaze me!!!


Wow. That is one beautiful quilt...and so sweet of you to send it to cheer someone who needs it. So glad you shared it with all of us first!


Oooohhh...i love this. Those colors are wonderful together and your stitches look perfect. I agree about the font, it's really nice. How do you do so much so fast? Great job, thanks for sharing!


Lovely little quilt, I love the little bird and the text on it. I use to sew quilts myself, may be you have seen some of my work at my blog. I use texts and small stitcheryes on them too.


It's a beautiful quilt and a very sweet gift!


That is absolutely gorgeous, Vicki. So tasteful and sweet.


i love your quilts....and saw the blanket statement gallery. wonderful. i am constantly saving things that i say i will make something with - and you should see my closet! saw the heartfelt shoes photo - was that from a pattern or did you make that up? what do you put in the sole? is this the proper place to ask? new to this world of blogs....thanks.

Kim Sherrod

That is a lovely quilt and Blair will treasure it. You are very kind.


Vicki~the quilt is GORGEOUS! And what a lovely surprise to read that my drawing gave you the inspiration. That feels very special to me, plus knowing that it will go as a sweet gift to our mutual friend!! You are sooooo kind. xo.




your quilt is absolutly amazing! i wish i were that talented! and yes, of course i remember you. how are you and your daughter doing? you have so many cute crafts! how long did it take you before you started selling on etsy?


"I just love your little quilt" doesn't even begin to say it. It jumped off the screen and loudly and clearly announced the name of a dear friend of mine -- the colors, the sentiment in the embroidery, the made-with-love-for-you intentionality of it. I haven't sewn anything more serious than a hem in years, but I just might be inspired to hit the fabric store. Thank you.


You make such beautiful quilts, Vicki...Your message quilts are especially heart-warming! Happy Days! :o)

Lisa K.

Wow, you're the Queen of Embroidering. Queen Bee, perhaps?

So caring and generous of you. I'm sure it will comfort and inspire her and the family.

Cathy Trahan

Just gorgeous! You are so thoughtful to send it to Blair.

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