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I am enjoying this play by play. Thanks for sharing it.


It is looking great! I'm sure it will be perfect!

paula luckhurst

I wish I was so talented as you. I can never imagine myself making a cover.

Old Round

I'm slipcovering too. do you have any tension issues on your machine? I have...on both machines I've tried. Used a whole bobbin of thread trying to adjust it. I suppose I'm just jinxed.


This post makes me wish I had paid attention when my dad was making slipcovers and/or upholstering...He taught himself, using materials from the county cooperative extension.
Looks good thus far, Vicki..

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Wow. I salute you...this is a big job....



I will be re-reading these post and all the one that come after this. I've tried to make a fitted slip cover for my couch, it was going pretty go up until where the arms pieces come together, so I ended up just making a simply throw-over slipcover but am thinking of trying one more time on the fitted one. You doing wonderful!!! Thank you so much for sharing about your process.


What a challenging project! I am sensing that you have done this before but I imagine that each time hold its own challenges. Keep us posted!


I'm so impressed! I've always wished I could make slipcovers, but I know I don't have that particular kind of patience.


Very much enjoying seeing the slip cover in progress! It looks to be coming along beautifully! What kind of fabric are you using, a cotton duck maybe? Happy Sewing! :o)


I'm finding it so interesting seeing how you do this as I made my first sofa slip cover a couple of years ago. I literally made it up as I went ago. The finished article is ok but I'd do so many different things next time. The one I did was a two seater and it has a matching three seater which I keep putting off doing. Really should though. I also used that Katrin Carghill as inspiration and a guide. Looking forward to how yours turns out.


Thanks for the book list! Best of luck with your project, I look forward to seeing it finished.


I found this post really fascinating. I've considered making slipcovers before and am pretty intimidated by the whole process. What a fabulous job you're doing! I'm VERY impressed!

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