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Wow. I'm impressed. I'm just getting ready to undertake a similar project myself - a slipcover for our couch - and I'm scared to death I'm going to ruin the fabric.
What books do you recommend?
Show us the completed work, okay?!


I would love to make a slipcover for my couch. do you have any suggestions for good books on the subject?


I always want to slipcover something, but then just don't think I have the attention span. Nice work.


Ah, I've got it - asymetrical. When you turn it right side out your arm will be on the wrong side. Yes, I've made a few slipcovers.


I have made one slip cover.. It turned out ok, but I need more practice..

Betty  at  Country Charm

I make window treatments, dustruffles, etc., but have never tried slipcovers. That may be my next project.......
Betty at Country Charm


don't laugh...o.k. you can laugh, it is kind of funny, i want to cover my sleep sofa in my work room, that the kitties have been using as a scratch post, with pink fake fur. my family just (well, you guessed maybe!) rolls their eyes when i say this!


I don't see it, but I trust you. I'm just in awe that you are doing this at all. I think I have slipcover phobia.


First of all... love your site! Delurking to comment. I bought a thrift store chair and ottoman, and have a couch that has seen better days (kids, dogs, cats). I took the plunge and purchased 27 yards of fabric. Then I stared at the 27 yards of fabric for a couple weeks. Finally, I removed the ottoman fabric, stitch by stitch, used the pieces as a pattern, and now I have the softest, chocolate brown microfiber ottoman. It was actually pretty easy! I've never done slipcovers or curtains, am maybe a advanced beginner? sewer, and it still looks good. (can you see the pride?) Will the chair and couch ever be done? Baby steps!


You are amazing! Can't wait to see the finished slipcover! I've been tinkering with the idea of doing a slip cover for a small ottoman we have...but have been nervous to even attempt that left alone a sofa! Good work! Happy Days! :o)


Come here & slipcover some of my furniture : )


i am soooo excited to watch you do this!!!! i have a loveseat that i LOVE but it needs a slipcover. don't know how to do it. will you please cont. to post about this?


I went to a quilting class this Thursday. I wish it had been better organized. Apparently the instructor had never taught a class. Many of those who attended got frustrated. (including me)
I'm not giving up learning to sew. You're my inspiration.


The slipcover looks great. What actually caught my eyes were the magazine file boxes you have on your shelf. Where do you find those? I've been looking all over for something just like that to store sheet music. TIA!


Oh, i wish a was a better friend with my sewing-machine. But, i do get inspired of your work, and i really enjoy watching you create beautiful things...i really have to go and start sewing that pillow case..grmfmm..Have a nice and most important a creative Sunday.


Oops! I can see it. You can't turn it right side out cause it won't fit! Thankfully you caught it in time :)


I am at SSU for breakfast and taking the opportunity to catch up on your blog. :) I tried making slipcovers once and they didn't turn out very good, but I think I ought to have another go at it. One thing I had trouble with was meeting up three pieces at a corner, with all on a different plane. Any helpful hints? And what kind of fabric is that?


oh dear - I hope you didn't work for too long before you discovered this one - when you are making a clippy mat (?) you have to think reverse too - as you work it from the back - only took one mistake to learn that one!
good luck with it

Sarah Patterson

Add me to the list of people wanting a book recommendation. I have a wonky wingback that needs a loose slipcover and need some guidance.

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