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Ohh the cake looks so good. I don't know how you all manage to stay trim with all the delish foods going on.

Slipcover looks good, can't wait to see the pillows!


Greetings from snowy Norway ! Found your web tonight and simply love it. Will most definately be back for another visit. Have a great weekend !


Yummy cake! Understood Betsy is one of my favorite books of all time! I loved it when I was a young girl and have read it to my daughter also. It's so sweet. The slipcover is looking great!


My wedding cake was decorated with candied pansies, voilets, violas and mint leaves. I spent quite a few hours in the spring coating, sugaring and laying them out on trays. The ones we didn't use for the cake were tucked among the trays of cookies and sandwiches. Everyone wanted to know who had catered my wedding. They couldn't believe my mother and I did it all!

They're fun and easy to make, and look lovely on cakes and cupcakes. Please post pictures if you make some. I would love to see them!


Oh, I was hoping for a slice of cake. It looks so good that I went to get my fork.


Oh, how I miss your cake...


Hey! Do you use Sonlight?
We are reading Understood Betsy too!
I have highlighted so many things from that great, little book. When Betsy said that "she did not know that an ounce existed outside of her textbooks", that really hit home with me.
Your cake looks grand!

paula luckhurst



Oooh! That cake looks delicious! I Luuuuv


Yummy cake...makes me want to do some baking on this dreary day. And being that I will never have snow like that outside my house, I loooove the pictures. So beautiful!


Another book that Dorothy Canfield Fisher wrote is The Home-Maker. I recently tracked down a copy to read. Not a childrens book but so has Dorothy's voice. My copy of Understood Betsy was reinforced and covered in childhood. I think it will survive my children.

susan sobon

mmmmm, that cake looks scrummy. and what do you know but that is my favorite, yellow cake with chocolate frosting. i am all by myself this weekend, so i might just need to bake myself a cake! i think it is a hoot that you decorated your cake with the pictures! sooo cute. and i agree, it looks perfect the way it is, unadorned. i have a wingback chair in an ugly forest green that i have wanted to attempt to cover for years. maybe i should make a go of it this weekend??

tamara jai mabley-chaisson

drooling on the keypad here...glad I found your blog - wonderful eyecandy when it's -15 below................thanks!


Oh, the swirls on that cake are perfect! But so are all the fun photoshop decorations. Thank you for the fun confections!

I love the chaise, too - You are so multi-talented!


Clip your cake pictures - I just wnat to eat the cake!


Is that jam in the middle of your cake?

Your slipcover is so inspiring, but I have to say I like the old upholstery, too.


The cake is gorgeous and here's my WS goody warning: it all looks so much better than it tastes. Their packaging is sublime. The easter truffled eggs aren't great. We had them last year.

Two readymade WS sweet foods that are outstanding: their hot chocolate mix and their chocolate covered caramels.

But every easter thing I've tried has disappointed me in the way that a perfect yella cake with chocolate icing would never, ever do.

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