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You were not the last to know.


Whoa, I never knew that about the candy hearts, either. That makes me really happy for some reason.

The cupcakes are adorable, by the way. I've been meaning on trying out Wilton's cake dyes I usually just leave the frosting that I make as plain white, but I think it's time to branch out a bit. How much of the Wilton's do you put in, though?

Old Round

I love recipes/cookbooks that have commentary. I'm so much more likely to bake something with a human voice behind it.


I love old recipes too. My Grandma left me all of her old cookbooks, and I've even come across a recipe for squirrel! Your cupcakes are adorable, yum!


I had no idea they changed theme every year. I love conversation hearts - they're a favorite. Had to share a project inspired by you...my Valentine tree. http://cozyegg.blogspot.com/2007/02/queen-of-hearts.html#comments

susan sobon

i so love fannie farmer! i use her recipe for banana bread. its the best i have tried i think, and its low in fat! i will have to check out the cakes section


What a fun post, thank you!

Where did you find pink sprinkles, I have been looking for them everywhere. *fume*


I love the picture of the cupcakes in the cake plate holder...can't think what its called and I have one too. Ahhh, the stuff all girls love...sweet, pretty and pink!

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