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Mama Urchin

She's perfectly valentiney.


My daughter would love me to make one for her. I love poodles.

Alecia Justice

Oh, the heart is so sweet. I made one of the cupcakes yesterday and I really like it. I did have a little trouble with the whipped topping...the pattern was a little confusing for me, so I really dont think I made it just right, but it turned out good enough. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations, they are all just lovely.


That is just too cute. Love it!


Your photos are always so pretty, such gorgeous colours. Love visiting here, Renee x


That is so mignon (cute). I agree, French knots seem hard at first, but once you've got them they're real easy! In French, a French knot is called "point de noeud" - knot stitch. Ha!


Oh, that is sweet and so perfect for the month!


Oh la la ja ! Smiling...What a lovley heart, and what a lovely dog..
Yes, i am shure it was a challenge to make it, but i have to say : It is Perfect !
Thank you very much, i am giving you a hug, for very good and precise guiding, how to do it...
Have a very nice and warm Wednesday,
Greetings from Aina


Love FiFi the poodle, she is so girly and perfect for a Valentine heart.

Crystal T

How cute! Looks so perfect for Febuary.


This is so, so sweet! I love it!


I can't believe it ! I made Prickles, I made a flower and now I MUST make the poodle for a friend. Its all so pretty!



I was trying some french knots not long ago for the first time. Each one seemed to have its own personality! I guess that's another way to say they weren't consistent in size and shape but I liked the look of them anyway! The pillow is simply adorable!


I can't believe it ! I made Prickles, I made a flower and now I MUST make the poodle for a friend. Its all so pretty!



he is soooo cute! the designer i work for has a big standard poodle named paco. i love your version of paco!


Great needlework!
I love it.


The cushion is gorgeous! Thanks also for the link to the french knot tutorial. I'll have to go off and practice!


So sweet! I have not yet mastered the French Knot, but I think I will try again this weekend.


Vicky, your poodle its so fluffy-fizzy-sweet! Adorable!


Now that is just too cute! My standard poodle, Louie, thinks so too!


I think this turned out really sweet too! It's the perfect use for French knots, if ever there was one! LOL!


A French poodle composed of French knots? Magnifique - tres chic!
xo Bisous xo


Absolutely adorable! Oh, how this little poodle made me smile--thank you! Happy Days! :o)

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Very ooh-la-la
Love it


tongue in cheek

too cute!!


I love small embroidery projects! Yours is adorable.

Angie Grimm

I love your little poochy pillow! My daughters would love that. Maybe I will make Charlotte Lyons decorated box and fill it with all kinds of fun pink and pretty things - like your poochy pillow!
BUT I HATE french knots. I have found that seed beads make a great substitute. I inevitably end up with a little tail at the top of the knot. Maybe I'm not using enough tension or pulling the thread through evenly.
Thanks for sharing and I'm off to look at that embroidary tutorial site.


Girl, You have been busy over here! Such pretties!


oh cute...french knots are about the only thing i CAN do! also...wondering if you have a book you could recommend on how to teach children to sew or embroider...my daughter is 6 1/2...thanks!

Leigh Ann

Tres belle!

Cheers! LA

PS I love those TJ cookies, too. Can't get enough of them. Yum!


I Just Wanted To Wish you A Great Weekend, And Look Forward To Your Next Project. I Am Still Bussy With Mine.

Greeting From Aina :=)


Oo la la! She is just too precious!


I love the poodle pillow. We have a toy poodle and can never seem to get enough poodle stuff! Very cute.

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