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Go Back? How did you drag yourself out without pawing through everything? It looks like an amazing shop!


Looks so fun! You'll definitely have to make more trips back! Total eye candy.


Oh wow!I would love that metal lunch tin with the handles!


That looks wondeful. You must go back.


I adore antique stores, and that one looks to have some really worthwhile stuff! By the way, I'm a recovering lurker and just wanted to say hi. Your blog inspires me!

paula luckhurst

You are a lucky girl!


Oh what a treasure!


Wow! It looks like you have discovered an adventure playground of thrift shops. Thanks for the fantastic photo's. That place really looks great, hope you find some fantastic things in there.


OMG! Heart pounding find - you are so lucky that looks a fantastic store, our Charity (thrift) stores in the UK are a bit sparse of any crafty items :(


I could spend hours in shops like this one !
Thank you for the photos.


Oh, to be close enough to pick and poke through that place!!!


Wow. That took my breath away.

I'm stocking up on picnic baskets. They make spectacular crafting baskets.

What a great thrift shop!


Hi from Japan!
I posted how to make coasters on my blog, it's a bit unique shape coasters!
And I just thought that you'll like them, so came here to notice you!
If you like and when you have time, please visit my blog, although it's in really poor English and explanation, there are many photos, you can imagine how to make them!


what an amazing shop! I'd love a rummage through all that fabric


What a fun store, just full of many hidden treasures.


oh sorry, I was drooling all over the computer. I'd love to dig through all that good stuff. Looks like a great surprise find!


What a fun experience you had this weekend!
I've been meaning to post something about your quiche recipes. I served your Jarlsberg/Chicken quiche to a group of quilting friends yesterday and it was a huge hit. I've also made your Crab quiche and the Italian Sausage recipes. Divine! I turned all my friends on to your blog.


Id die to jump in those linens!! Everything looks so yummy!!


No that's my type of shop! Lucky you!


holy moly, thats a thrift store? Do you know what junk we get inour thrift stores? That would be considered an antique shop around here! GO BACK! LOL! Rosemary


I totally admire your restraint. I would have bought everything you show in the photos- amazing finds how could you RESIST?

Betty  at  Country Charm

What a neat shop! So many interesting treasures.
The big blue pot would fit into my kitchen!
Enjoy reading your postings. I am new to blogging and really enjoy meeting so many nice people.

kerry : k8tykat

fabulous!! but, are you sure that was a thrift shop? here in northern california that would be our antique shop.


Take me with you ...


A thrift store downtown I don't know about??? Where is it hiding?


Nice treasures. Whats the name of the store ? Have a happy and romantic Valentines day tomorrow :)
Greetings from Aina


Your teddys look so well loved!


when i find a stash of patterns or fabric like THAT in a thrift shop, my hubby just rolls his eyes as i pounce on the treasures, and goes off to find where they have the records!


What a treasure trove! I might still be in there, hunting through all those goodies.

Love your heart pincushion - so sweet.
Happy Valentine's Day, to you and your family! xo


Oh please make sure you go back with the camera! What a tresure trove.

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