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jenny holiday

Incredible post as always!! Ohh that Grace!!! And guitar lessons too!! My goodness!! What a talented doll!!

These cookies look amaaazing!! I HAVE to make some!! yum yumm!!

Oh and I am just Loving your little sweets to bits!! Adorable!! They will be loved for sure!!

Enjoy your day!!
xoxo Jenny

Mama Urchin

Mmm, cookies for guitar lessons. Sounds like a good trade.


Another delicious post! Even those felt cupcakes look good enough to eat - what a sweet gift! And what a clever idea to trade cookies for guitar lessons. Lucky teacher!


Bummer! I was hoping you were adding them to your store inventory. My girlfriends and I would love these.


All of your food descriptions are making me mighty hungery right now. I love the beautiful "calorie-free" cupcakes and thank you for the tutorial link.


Wonderful goodies!! Those cookies look fantastic - I love Russian Tea Cakes. Your cupcakes look equally delicious (and calorie-free - even better). Thanks for the link!

christina Gomez

I love thoes calorie free cupcakes!
Have fun!


Yum-o! Thanks for the link -- I missed them the first time and they are adorable!




ooh! ooh! I've got it!!! King Crab!

Such a smart idea to barter cookies for guitar lessons!

And the felt cupcake looks delish!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Now you`ve gone and done it...i`m not suppose to eat any of these, but how can I resist it!!!


Mrs. Staggs

Hmmmmm....kale? Now I'll be up all night trying to think of ingredients that start with k. LOL!
Grace's cookies look wonderful. Those are some of my favorites! What a nice arrangement for both teacher and student.


Thanks for the link to the cupcake pattern, I have to make a present for a little friend of my daughter and that will be perfect.

paula luckhurst

Ooooooh! Going to Flickr now to see more.


Your cupcakes look adorable all packaged up like that.

Daisy Cottage

Wonderful post with such incredible, tempting pictures! I would love to have one of those cupcakes too ~ SOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!

Alecia Justic

Oh gosh I love those cupcakes and flowers! I must make some, I can't wait! Thank you so much for sharing! They are simply darling!!


Thanks for sharing the recipe! My son is allergic to eggs and can't eat anything with them in it. I think we will be giving this recipe a try!!
And your cupcakes look yummy too!


I love how you've packaged the cupcakes.


mmmm... now I need some baked goodies! lol. Love those pincushions; I shall have to put that on my "to do" list. Beautiful post!!

Sara, The wine Makers Wife

Oh no, that cup cake pattern is too cute! I'm not sure I am skilld enough to make one though... Hmm... WOW Russian tea cakes, boy those are a christmas time treat at my house.I love your blog! Ok, so a recipe for K huh? How about Kabobs?

Sara, The wine Makers Wife

Oh or Kumquats, those little orange/apricot colored asian fruits... We used to have a tree full of them. oooh Or Kalamata Olives? Kirsch? (cherry liquer) something with that would be amazing... I think I am on a roll...


Your cupcakes are adorable! I made those last year for several friends and used them as package toppers. I love the way you gift-wrapped yours!




Those cupcakes are SWEET! I love your site, glad I wandered your way today.

Angela D

Oh my gosh... what a beautiful cupcake. For the non-sewer... is it hard to make... do I need a sewing machine... can I glue it?? But how adorable in those cello bags.


Oh my goodness! I love them...do you sell them?


I love the fact that you are working your way through the alphabet with quiche recipes! I plan to try your jarlsberg/chicken recipe this week. I have been trying to make a "Quiche of the Week" lately and have done the crab quiche and the traditional Quiche Lorraine recently. I have a wonderful recipe for a sliced tomato-onion ring quiche I'd be happy to share with you.


That's what I need: low calories, no carbs! Lovely felt cakes. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.


You are so talented! I love these cupcakes and the Russian Tea Cookies I am gong to try this right now and I am going to post it on my blog. I hope they come out as good as they look :)


Hi again,

I just wanted to thank you for such a delightful blog. My husband and I work very hard pretty much all the time and rarely get any sort of getaway. Your blog is a mini-vacation for me each and every time I visit. You have blessed me!


Monica (Happy Zombie)

I never tire of looking at your beautiful felted cupcakes. And the way you've wrapped them up... so, so, so, so, so cute! I've tried making them, and mine don't look anything like yours!

A. Sanborn

If and when you decide to sell these great lil' cupcakes... I'm there!!!! LOVE'M...

Very CLEVER girl, bartering can be a 'GOOD THING!' Will be sure to check out that recipe! TFS


Hi! I found your page looking for cupcake related crafts and patterns. I took a very quick look at the whole page and I would like to congratulate you!
You are very talented and have a home that looks really blessed and happy.
I would like to be as crafty as you, and have a cozy home just like yours!!!

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