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Congratulations! It's a stunner! I'm deeply impressed. Enjoy your Marie Claire Idées (i do mine).

little jenny wren

I really like the combination of cushions you put on the chaise. How long will it stay white in your house? In mine I'd give it less than an hour and that would be even if it was just me using it.


Wonderful slip cover! You've inspired me to cover my Ikea sofa with something other than the wan and pallid beige that is it's current incarnation. Washable is *always* good with kids at home!


I absolutely love your slipcover. I have a really cute chair with no arms that I'd like to try slipcovering, but I didn't really know how to start. But I think I'll try checking out some books like you mentioned. With no arms I'm thinking maybe it willbe relatively simple?! I'm not the most experienced seamstress in the world, but I'm inspired by yours, esp seeing it all done up and decorated with pillows and all!


Yes, the slipcover is definitely a stunner! And thanks for sending MSL, I'm looking forward to it very much - susbcriptions are only possible in the US and Canada, so I can only get it when I go to Paris which is not very often.
I've decided that my next project will be a bag from the latest MCI - I hope it won't turn out too horrible!

Jess H.

This is incredible. I can not even imagine being able to do this. Wow...I am truly speechless. I do have to laugh though because the thought of an all white piece of furniture would be completely mine and mine alone. Definitely something for my seven year old son to be near. Ha! All I can envision is in museum when they have areas cordonned off...yup that's what I would have around this if it were mine. Anyway...I said I was speechless then proceeded to ramble...seriously though, great job!!


It turned out just right! Love the pillows...and would love to leaf through the magazine while lounging there...


The kitty is gorgeous and so is that slip cover. I have a chaise that needs recovering, and I have been putting it off for years! LOL


Oh wow, it turned out great!!


My mouth literally dropped. I can't even figure out how to slip cover a regular sofa and here you go doing the tricksy stuff! Great job!


The NEI and TMI note makes perfect sense to me. I get excited about things and am guilty of one or other on a regular basis whilst expounding to anyone foolish enough to stop long enough to listen. I forget that other folks can't read my mind or think in the same circular manner as I do. Thanks for clarifying the baby issue as I was wondering about that but was trying not to be rude and ask outright.

The slipcover is awesome. You've done a remarkable job.


The slipcover turned out wonderfully!! Looks just great!! Will you come do my really large couch now?!?!? ;-)


The slip cover is amazing! So perfectly fitted and clean.

Miz Booshay

Congratulaitons on creating such a perfectly lovely slipcover!

Well done!



By the way, I love that little table! Did you buy it that way or alter it yourself?

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Wow...congrats..it looks lovely


Wow! You did a fantastic job on the slipcover! Really great!!!


So glad to see the end result...Beautiful slip cover! You did a wonderful job!


Hi. I just found your site...What a great job you did on the slip covers. Very inspiring :-)


beautiful job on the slipcover!


I have also done the same thing, when posting on my blogs. There's so much to say, in such little time.
Great slipcover.

paula luckhurst

I don't know what is more beautiful: the slip-cover, the table or the coushions. Everything is really nice.


Absolutely gorgeous, Vicki! So pretty all set up with your pillows and tiny table. You're a wonder woman, don't deny it :)

Allie from Minneapolis

Just beautiful!! You did such a good job. I really, really like it.



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