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I love anything Little Red Riding Hood!I agree though far too fancy to use x

Karen June

so cute...she would definitely look worried if she met up with my 2.5 year old and his veggies... :)




It would look cute hanging in a nursery--and would be safe from food stains there (hoepfully!)

I love the bib! Perhaps it could be re-created on a less vulnerable baby article - a pinafore? a pillow? Can we envision an applique series of all our favorite fairy tales - I need to retire to get to work on this!


I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a drool bib. Not one for food. Because yes, there are actually seperate bibs for drooling. I used to work in a baby store, you'd be suprised at all the stuff they think up just so people will buy it.

Mama Urchin

Maybe it was meant to be a picture bib? You know, one where the baby only wore it for pictures. Still, super silly if you ask me.

Mama Urchin

Really, really sweet though (sorry for the double comment, I posted the first one before I finished)

Mama Urchin

Really, really sweet though (sorry for the double comment, I posted the first one before I finished)


That bib is precious. Red Ridinghood for some reason is one of my most favorite of the storybook friends. You did a great job. And I totally agree, why would anyone USE this to feed a child? LOL Maybe just a big drool bib?


The bib is stunning. I tend to agree about the futility of such a thing in terms of reality but then again...why not have something so special to actually use? We tend to put things aside that we feel are too precious but aren't our babies precious, too?


Vicki I love it. It looks like something those modern day Japanese craft books of ours are trying to replicate in some way, doesn't it? Although, this bib would have been too nice for even my kid's dressiest outfits!


That is just too precious. But again, I'd be afraid after lavishing so much work on it that it'd be ruined lickety-split! ;) lol. But it is lovely to look at, nonetheless. :)


really cute bib. it is very nice. (and I could not open shopping cart today, too.)


This is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing your stuff!


This totally should be on a dress ( on a size 92 that my daughter can wear ;-) )


This is so sweet. I would only let my teddy bear wear it though ;-)

jungle dream pagoda

Truly precious!!!! Perhaps to be framed?


Oh my goodness - this if fab! I am going through a "storybook" phrase at the moment and have just learnt lots a applique methods, so it was really inspiring to see this.
I don't think I would let something so lovely near mashed sweet potato or spinach (seem to be the worst!), but would probably incorparate it into something else such as a wallhanging, or apply it to a skirt.

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