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Cherry Menlove

Oooooooh let me be the first to say that she is just delicious. Wonderful. I'd be soooo pleased to have friend just like that. You lucky, lucky thing you.

Cherry Menlove
Long time lurker (sorry!)


Gorgeous! :)


I love that! I really need to get going on some crafts. I did the snow cones for Christmas and they turned out very nice but not as good as yours :)

Come check out my new recipe blog and join in on the fun :)Look forward to you becoming a Swapper!

Mrs. Staggs

She's a cutie patootie!
How nice of Urban Debris to share such a sweet pattern.
The pincushion exhibit is an especially fun one to see. So many creative ideas there.


Aw how cute! I love these little pretty accessories that make sewing more enjoyable.


OOOhhh, awww! She is a super cute little helper, had to rush right over and grab that pattern!! Nice little pattern too, I'm seeing gifties in the future!


Prickles is so adorable and your description makes me smile.

Mama Urchin

Leave it to you to tame a porcupine.


So stinkin' adorable! I think I need one too!


She is beautiful.The flower suits her perfectly.


I love her!! and your description of her! I can't wait to make one. Thanks for sharing and being such a great inspiration once again.


Prickles is gorgeous. What a great way to make sewing fun. I'll bet you smile every time you see her :-)

Crystal T

She is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing her and the link. I will be making one soon. :) And talk about visual delight looking at all those beautiful pincushions!! Oh. I must now get a paper towel to wipe the drool off my computer screen. Though none as lovley as Prickles. ;)


She is adorable! Thank you so much for the link to the pattern!


This is the cutest!!!
Once again..you make me smile!


Oh my!! That is just far too cute!


What a lovely little lady - even if she is a bit prickly :-)

She reminds me of Mrs. Tiggywinkle!

Teresa Sheeley

She is just extremely adorable! Glad I stopped by for a visit.

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

What lovely pics...super

paula luckhurst

As everything you make, it's wonderful.


My eldest has a "thing" for hedgehogs - guess what I am going to be making next weekend.


This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And I am not kidding. I have never seen a pincushion so ADORABLE!!!! Thank you for sharing!


She is so cute! :)


Ooh Prickles is soo cute, she can come and live with me anytime, and I promise I wouldn't borrow any of those prickles.


I've been wanting to make my own pincushion for quite some time now, and now I have the overwhelming urge to make one named, "Prickles"! I can't wait!


Prickles is adorable! I love hime! Can he come live with me? Please...... :O)


The Wine Makers Wife

Oh what Block are you working on? I'm a quilter too and I love your website. What sewing machine do you have? The fabric in your photos is so delicate and sweet looking. Best!

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Too cute for words!


LOVE her!


she beautiful


Love your blog. Love Prickles and am making one right away. She is just so cute.
The pattern says to oversew the pieces. Is that the same as overcast?

Thanks from a lurker.



Oh, she's a doll! Love her flower tucked by her ear...What a cute new friend! happy Days! :o)

Daisy Cottage

Too cute for words!!!



How sweet! Doesn't it just make you smile to work around things you love?


Oh, that is the BEST idea. I can't believe I haven't see it around before! So cute!

jenny holiday

Ohh my goodness!! Too too cute!! You dazzle non stop!!

Love her to bits!! Truly adorable!!

Hope you are doing great!! Say hi to the girls!!

xoxo Jenny


So cute I was inspired by yours and made my own.. Thank you, I enjoy your blog.


She is just too cute. Thanks for sharing the link. I can't wait to make one. Prickles flower is definately one of her best features!


Thank you for the link to the hedge hog pincushion. I have been wanting to make one forever - well for a while at least. I just didn't want to sit and fuss and figure it out myself.

Hopefully there will be hedgehog time tonight!


Please tell me that you'll be offering these at Scrap.Happy.com. They're just adorable.


boy do I LOVE that little pin cushion - and your gorgeous blog - I am part of this V-day blitzeroo - I'm extending my deadline - IF YOU HURRY over chez moi and leave a comment - if you are interested - I'll put your name in the draw - xox - eb.


Oh, I was just today thinking about a similar pattern in a book of mine dating from the 70's or maybe even the 60's, and wondering if I had any fabric on hand that would be appropriate for it. Only, the hedgehog pincushion in that book was made with a tweedy, brown woolen fabric, like you'd find a men's coat made from. This pattern is much cuter, though. I may have to try a tweedy version of it.
Love how yours turned out.


Oh, she is soooo PRECIOUS! Just like everything on this bloggedy blog. Love it!


Darling Viki! Thanks so much for the link!


I like your blog, the colours and creations, it is precious ! And your new little friend is ADORABLE !

Merci mon amie ! Thank you soooo much for the link.


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