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Account Deleted

How unbearably cute! If I lived in the US I'd definitely be buying more! I'm sure with my awkward hands I'd be incapable of making such sweet sweets from scratch, but I ordered a miniature cake-making toy from Japan and am looking forward to it very much! It's here :



Being a Pastry Chef, I have to say, I WANT a pastry dollhouse!!!!! LOL These are wonderful! Your blog has encouraged me to blog myself, and has helped me look at things differently, for photographing...thank you! I am new to this blogging thing, and any tips you may have would be appreciated! Keep up the wonderful blogs, I am working on my craft room now and hope to get some projects done! Blessings, Shawn <><

Mama Urchin

That Grace, she's amazing.


I am constantly amazed at how detailed and *real* these little "goodies" look! Soooo cute!!! :)


Sooo Sweet!!! I heart the hearts!!!
Grace! Amazing work..as usual..


Those are just too cute. I love your site, I have been a lurker for a while now and I love your pictures.


You've been tagged! Check my blog for details.


Adorable! Do you post to Australia? x

Account Deleted

Hi Fran, sorry for butting in, but only US shipping is available ; when I got some sweets from Grace's Etsy shop a friend from the US acted as shipping middlewoman.


They are beautiful. Grace is so talented!


Just found your blog. It is lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm not able to use your link to the precious doll house bakery items. Is there another way to access it?

REPLY: Yes, try the link located in the right sidebar, under the Lambkin.
Or type the address in your browser: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=32497

Betty Jo

How adorable these are! :0)


I love the details of your miniatures and the treats....it looks so realistic!


I could eat that Caramel Candy cake!! I see more errings coming up...my how cute are gingerbread men errings!!??

Mrs. Staggs

Oh gosh, and here I thought there would be no way you could top the lovely Christmas bakery photos!
My compliments to Miss Grace! Everything is perfectly sweet and charming.


she has definately got a knack


Oh my goodness that is the cutest photo! So sweet. Oh i love it all so much! So talented. Renee


Oh my goodness that is the cutest photo! So sweet. Oh i love it all so much! So talented. Renee


turkey feathers, you're amazing.


As that first picture appeared on my screen I thought you had been baking, it was only as I scrolled down that I found out this wasn't for real - amazing.


There are just not enough words to express how adorable & incredible...

Debbie Addie

I just bought some of these treats, and can not wait to get them in the mail. Please make more soon. My little shop will need lots of your goodies.
Thanks again,


How cute!!!!!


You are so talented! Makes me want to start a dollhouse of my own.


So cute!

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