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Love the sweet treats! Tried to order 2 cake slices but Etsy is frozen, oh well. maybe one day I'll get some for earrings!

Just lovely work!


Don't want to clog the comment box, but just wanted you to know that I did get my two tiny pink cake slices! No hurry for shipping, they are all for ME!! Can't wait to slip them onto some french wires and slip them in my ears!


Why don't I have a shop like that in my city? living vicariously through your blog :)


Absolutely fantastic - how magical the dollhouse bakery looks!! and no kidding, it all looks completely real! Off to etsy to see if I can still get in on the goodies!!


AMAZING...just amazing!

Mama Urchin

Oh my goodness, the ribbon candy, I can't believe it.


Pure joy!


Oh my goodness! That is cuteness overload! Wow - what a talented family. I want to visit the bakery, though I'm afraid I'd get fat if it was in my neighbourhood! :)


I swear--your dollhouse bakery postively boggles the mind. It is so awesome and I agree with you wholeheartedly--it all seems so very, very real. I just love it!

Mrs. Staggs

I love it too. Thank you both for this little piece of magic.

paula luckhurst

It's amazing how your daugther can make such beautiful and tiny things.


I swear I smelled "bakery" when the page opened!
Good work Grace, you are so talented.


Oh my! I just *adore* that dollhouse of yours. It looks real and storybook-like at the same time.


Such a magical tour.


Vicki, When ever I see all this beautiful scenes, I think of those stories about how someone got started in a career or business, just a whim when they were a child and I think of Grace. I don't know if it's somehting she would want to grow into something grand but she has the talent to do it and I see a great story unfolding! Happy Holidays to you and Your family!
I never get tired of see those cute mini rooms!


Now these are sweets that I can enjoy.


Oh, I love this miniature Christmas spirit!


Please pass on my compliments to the "chef!" She must have the Keebler elves helping her, I don't know how she can make such perfectly "baked" tiny goodies! Hope you all have a warm and merry Christmas! xo

Dawn Castro

I just have to tell you that i told my mom about your "Bakery" and all the wonderful goodies in it!! I'm sending over to her you blog address so she can see for herself what a wonderful Bakery you have plus the wonderful blog you have!! Thank for sharing with me your wonderful goodness!


I wish this was a real bakery! Fabulous talent that girl!


When I saw the first picture I thought it was a full size cake shop. You are so clever! I've been wondering if I could manage to make a full size gingerbread house, never mind a miniture one.
Enjoy the cocoa and donut.


ack...how in the heck is she doing all that? What an amazingly tallented girl (must get that from someone in the family eh?)


YOur dolls house minutres are ever inspiring...


beautiful and dreamy photos! i miss christmas already.

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