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Oh Vicki, it is so wonderful!!! You and Grace did an amazing job on this, and it really looks great! So sweet. Love the display cabinet that your husband made!
All of the treats look divine as well! I had pushed my doll house to the side lately, but I am re-inspired to get going on it again!

Mrs. Staggs

I am sitting here charmed and in total awe!
Everthing about this project warms my heart. I love that you've all worked on it together. The detail is amazing!


What on earth does Grace use for the "sprinkles" on the doughnuts and cookies? Eeeee! So tiny! Squeal!


Absolutely beautiful! I am in awe of all the details and the talent that you and Grace have for making these little tiny things come to life! It's great that you can work on this as a family. It's just perfect!

Mama Urchin

Oh my, it was worth the wait for sure. Really fantastic.


You have outdone yourselves this time!!!It is all soooooo sweet!


I cannot believe how amazing that little shop is. You all did such a wonderful job. I'm in awe.

jenny b harris

Oh! My! Gosh!!! That is the absolute CUTEST! Dang, just when I was getting over my miniature obsession, now I want to pull it all out again! Cute cute cute. Vicki and Grace, you amaze!


Oh my goodness is that FABULOUS!! You all did such a gorgeous job, what a treat!!! Thank you for sharing that, just breathtaking in it's detail.


The cutest!! I'm so happy that you listed where you bought your house kit from, such a great price. I've been wanting to get a kit for so long now after being inspired by all the gals you mentioned, and now YOURS!! So sweet. (pun intended) Callan and I are simply drooooooling! Now pass me one of those donuts!

Lovely work girls!!


Sending you all a cyber bouquet of wild flowers to celebrate your grand opening. From minis and Hittys here in Indiana!

Jenny Holiday

Oh I just cannot tell you how PERFECT everything is! Not a single detail left untouched! So magical! You both did such an AMAAAAZING job!! Truly PERFECT! Adore everything to bits!! I will be revisiting your photos throughout the day....I know it! I cannot get enough!! Every cake and sweet treat is an incredible work of art!! I had to purchase a few right away!!...and I will be back for more very soon!! Lovely work ladies! You made my week!!

Happy Baking!
xoxo Jenny




This is absolutely superb, you should send photographs to the various dolls house magazines and get it featured. We have a dolls house that the boys (they would kill me if they knew I was telling you this) used to play with, the inhabitants are rubber mice. The boys actually wove carpets and made cardboard furniture etc and had lots of fun with it for several years. It sits on a chest of drawers at the top of the landing a reminder of childhood. I probably will do something with it myself when I am an empty nester. We have been to Dolls house fairs and it seems as if this really is an adult hobby.



I am nearly in a diabetic coma, that is just SO SWEET!!!

Please publish a book of this, so I can curl up with it in bed and linger over all of the exquisit details.

It is SO beautiful!

Be proud. Be very proud!


It is absolulety charming! I am in awe at the beauty and obvious talent you have:-)


WOW Vicki this is just amazing. The detail is profound... just beautiful!


I absolutely adore it! I have been waiting for this for a while...I KNEW you had to be working on it and you hadn't mentioned it! It's precious! What a fun thing to share! Blessings!


OH MY! Your teasers this week really whet our appetites here to see the grand reveal...completely fabulous!! My kids and I are poring over every picture, they especially like....well, the sweets :-D They look good enough to eat!

thanks for letting us all in on the fun!




That is unbelievably beautiful!!


Everything is so fabulous! The attention to detail is amazing and that is why I think truly great creative projects work--even the tiniest detail is so important. Thank you for sharing this beautiful masterpiece.


Now is that cute or what! Grace has her own bakery. You clever gals. I do know what you mean about not taking pictures because you think of this detail or that. I'm wanting to decorate my house up for the holidays and thought about a mini holiday swap but not sure if people would be interested.


That is amazing! I love all the little details, the cat and the milk, the pantry, everything! Many years ago, my Mom made a miniature bakery in one of those old country store candy jars.


A-dorable! What patience!

Tracy's Turret

Enchanting!! All that tiny detail is just incredible!!

Casey Rice

I have been enjoying your site for a couple of months now. Love the mini project. Great work! I have been in miniatures for about 25 years and have seen a lot of more experienced people that don't do half as good a job! The two of you should be very proud. The shop makes me want to sit down and have tea and cookies.You will have to check out Hobby Builder's Supply for your next project. They have even better prices. No. I don't work for them. I have used the Buttercup for several projects. Their price is 22.99! Most of their houses and roomboxes are lower than anywhere else on the net.


absolutely adorable! What a fabulous job you did, the details are so amazing.


one day when the boyz are older i'll be able to dig out my minatures. Oh what fun. Thanks for the pictures! Those christmas cookies are adorable.


Tell Grace that her tiny sweets are perfection! What nimble fingers that girl has!


In awe.


Absolutely the sweetest thing, just simply wonderfully amazing! You are brillant! Happy Days! :o)


Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. The cuteness! And the detail! Your photos are great, too. I could look at them over and over. Did you say you are working on a book? You should!!!
A storybook about the bakery shop! I know some people who would read it to bits.


This is simply incredible... You should indeed write a book -- maybe two! Or three! One about the actual project, with some how-to's, one just to read and drool over the photos, and then a storybook as suggested above.

I am in awe. I'm an empty-nester with an unfinished dollhouse in my basement... You have certainly inspired me.


Oh my goodness. I haven't visited here in a long time (just got busy, you know), but what treats were here waiting! I can't believe how incredibly CUTE everything is! You girls did a marvelous job! Now go and enjoy the holidays!


These creations are so sweet and charming! Love them.

Calamity Kim

Oh thank you for posting this link! I just bought one for my Christmas present! I have been looking for a small doll house and The Buttercup will be perfect!!! I can't wait to get it and start! Can you tell me if you ordered doors and other extra stuff? I only ordered the shingles because I didn't know what it came with. Thanks! Your daughters cakes and pies are fantastic by the way!

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