Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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It's just perfect! I love the lighting, so her sweet face looking in is so magical! I'd love to get more lovley bakery items from your little shop!!


What a wonderful "sneak peek"!


Sweet... Adorable...
Can't wait for the reveal!!


Yummy Yummy!
I was just thinking the other day, with all this seasonal decorating on our minds, I can't forget my mini house. Someone should do a Tis the season mini house swap. Can't wait to see the goodies.

jenny b harris

How exciting! I can't wait!


Gosh sakes, just how small is all of that??? You are seriously tempting me to get into dollhouses.


Looks just wonderful! I must say how much I do enjoy your blog. So warm and cozy... I have made the gingersnaps, apple puffs, and your asparagus quiche all because you made them sound so grand. And they were... Thank you for sharing all that you do. :)


Thank you for such a charming and "sweet" peek! It all looks wonderful!


Super cute, love the dog to go with it!

Jenny Holiday

OHHH I can barely stand it!! My eyeballs could not be wider!! I feel like a child on Christmas Eve!! Truly Truly amazing!!! I better get a new printer cartridge!! I know I will want the pics on my inspiration board!! When? When? When? is the Grand Opening?

Sooooo FUN!!
I am walking around with a giant smile just thinking of it!! Yippee!!

YAY!! for the Bakery!!...ohh..does it have a sign? What is it called?

xoxo Jenny

Mama Urchin

Eek! How will we wait until Thursday?


Hi Vicki.

I was just able to catch up on reading your blog. I am so sorry about Smokey leaving you, it made me teary as we are animal people with four cats of our own.

The sweet shop is adorable and it looks like everything will sell out in it very, very fast!

For the 'D' quiche how about dill, or edible dragons- snap dragons that is? Of course the idea presented by a reader about a dessert quiche is simply dreamy too!


This looks sooooooooo sweet! How darling and yummy !


I love the layette! I'm currently knitting baby hats for two of my student/friends. They are each having or had girls. I have finished one and want to make booties similar to yours to go with it. Second hat was started yesterday. Your stitching and and booties are just precious. You also make the world of miniature look like so much fun!

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