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Perfect quiche for D!! Those earrings are the cutest too!!

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful, beautiful and inspiring ideas and life with us!! You brighten my day always


this earrings are super cute...
please tell grace that i love her tiny work ;)


Oh I just thought of a D Quiche..Date and Apple now that would be devine..seriously


Ha! Very funny. Honestly, I love a blog that can make me laugh out loud!


Oh, I LOVE the earrings! I would not be able to wear them, as I would have to remove them repetedly just to look at them!

Dollhouse Quiche is just too perfect!

The next one should be easy. Eggs.


Those earrings are exquisite, your daughter is very talented at this minature stuff.


The earrings are fabulous, I agree with everyone else! I'd have to look at them too constantly!

I think the "dollhouse" quiche looks fabulous. Just the perfect thing for your list.


Oh gosh, you have left me smiling here once again! That little quiche is amazing as are all of the tiny treasures we've been seeing here lately.
I hope you will be able to get a more rest soon. The season to be jolly will soon be upon us and we'll need a little energy left over for that.
Ha...did I just say "left over"? I will need to find some first!


You all are amazing!


My goodness, Grace is *so* talented!! I'm in love with your dollhouse and keep coming back to look at the pictures again and again...I dream of making a dollhouse with my daughter someday.


Grace is so talented! I would love to see pictures of the dollhouse opening. Also that dollhouse quiche looks deliciously divine!


I love the earrings!
And I've looked at all the dollhouse pics in the previous posts with awe. It's just... well, awesome!


Cool cat! Check out my neighbor's white cat with two different eyes - very similar! And awesome!!!



How terribly smart of you to come up with the doll house quiche! And it looks so delicious too!
The earrings Grace made for you are just the cutest things! Would she be willing (or even have the time) to make a pair commissioned for a Christmas gift?
Your cat is like ours, always inspecting incoming and outgoing mail; especially any and all packages. They are such amusing creatures.


Vicki & Grace,
you've inspired my dd and I to take up some clay and get creative, it's so much fun! Thanks for sharing your creations. I also wanted to let you know I've linked back to you on my blog to show my visitors your irresistible miniatures.

Terri Pollhein

Like the earrings very much, but I love the cat! The next time I get a cat, I want a white one. Yours is lovely.

jenny holiday

ohhh boy oh boy!! Grace you truly dazzle non stop!! What a creative, and sweet thing you are!! These are beyond perfect!! Love them!!

Ohhh and as for this incredible idea here...Doll house Quiche!! brilliant!!!...Why oh why do I live so far away!!??

Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!
xoxo Jenny

jenny holiday

ps... I want smoosh and snuggle that sweet cat of yours!!

soooo cute!!!


Hello there kitty.


What a magnificent cat!!

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