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I had to laugh when I clicked over here immediately after hitting the publish button on a post with a similar picture of deer, not to mention picutures of how my versions of your little pumpkins turned out. I like to complain about how they wreak havoc in the garden but I wouldn't trade getting to watch the deer outside the windows nearly every morning at breakfast as well as throughout the day and night.
Your quiche sounds scrumptious. Ah, to be able to run down and pick up fresh crab at the market! Lucky you. The muffins/pancakes look delicious, too.


How about a Double Double Bacon Cheese Quiche for the letter D? Here's the link. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_33379,00.html?rsrc=search

Mama Urchin

Maybe they think they've come to the zoo to watch the humans?

Alicia A.

They're thinking the same thing I am:

"I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry..."

(It's all the yummy scents lofting up from the house.)


Yummy photos and yummy post.


Hello, Vicki!
Those muffins look good enough to try myself!!
Love the photos of the backyard visitors..I had four of their relatives visit my yard last week. I have been watching ever since that day..to see if they will return. We had evidence of visits all summer long in the garden plot.
I thought of you this weekend while at a quilter's retreat. Stop in sometime and see the posts about it.
Have a good week!


Duck? Roasted duck quiche? Sounds rather Decadent....

Mrs. Staggs

Those deer are so beautiful.
It's been really rainy here all weekend too, but nothing like this morning. It's comming down in buckets, but the winds they've mentioned haven't arrived yet.
I like to use this month to prepare for the holidays too, but I confess to already feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all of the commercial aspects of it all. Christmas carols were already playing in two stores that I went into the other day!
Love these sweet photos of the littlest chef! I sometimes make German pancakes too. Great big ones. I never thought to make small ones. I'm going to give it a try!


That quiche sounds divine. I will have to try that one. Your blog just inspires me so much. Keep it up sweet lady!!

prairie mouse

i always think it is so magical when i see your photos of the deer. i guess i have always had a soft spot for bambi! looking foward to christmassy things happening, louise


I've been cooking right along with you, but I'm not sure I can get the crab past the sweetie. Will have to think about the "D" quiche myself, and will pass it along if I think of something.

The apple pancakes will be made this weekend! Yummy! Always find such inspiration here, thanks!


MMmm...I think maybe Crab Quiche will be on my menu this coming weekend. My DH would be putty in my hands...


I just adore the view from your window! Trains - do you collect Hornby? The kids have a hornby train set from when they were kids and we went to a few model shows. They are so inspiring seeing all these big layouts with scenery and everything.


I love all the pictures.


The pictures are wonderful--my stomach is growling over those pancakes!


how about D for dessert quiche-- a nice Delishous Diced Decadant rubarband apple quiche served with deliarously devine cream


For D, make a D-licious Quiche Lorraine.

jenny holiday

ohhh how fabulous!! Your quiche looks and sounds amazing!! And Ginger's apple pancakes look incredible!! How did she serve them? Powdered sugar or any sauce? Are they best warm? ooohh..I may have to make them!!
How are you all so skinny? donuts, quiche, cookies, apple pancakes!! Yowser!! lol!

Happy Fall!!
xoxo Jenny


Wonderful cooking & baking--you're on a roll there! Your posts lately have been extra yummy! How beautiful the deer...Happy Days! :o)


It all looks so yummy, especially Ginger's apple pancakes. YUMMY. I may have to try this one out with my babes. Thanks for the link.


We are going to make those pancakes right now! Thanks for the edible inspiration! Grace's sweets are going to sell out soooo quick. Did she get Hannah's letter yet? Hannah wanted to know :)

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