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These little booties turned out wonderful! The same for the flannel ensemble. So very cute!


the last picture is so cute...
christmas is coming ;)


what a lovely gift! I am sure it will be enjoyed.


What a beautiful gift. I'll bet you had fun making it.


What gorgeous baby things. And you sure know how to build up the anticipation don't you. Can't wait until Thurs.


So, so dear!!! Miss Sunny Rose will be precious in them.
You are just loving to taunt us with the grand opening of the sweet shoppe!


that little doggie makes me smile every time!

Mama Urchin

The booties are darling. You know now the baby gowns don't even have the drawstring (choking and strangulation hazard) just elastic at the bottom. Little feet always seemed to poke out of the bottom at my house too. The sacks work much better.


Wow. What a LOVELY set! I just love it! The booties are darling! The blanket reminds me of the sheets I use on my sons cradle. My mom was poor when we were little, so she cut up an old tattered sheet to make cradle sheets and embroidered on them. One of them is very similar to this one. I use them now and cherish them, as I am sure the lucky recipient will do for these treasures!


I think you have a little bit of an ornery strike in you...the suspence it killing us!
And the baby gifts are just precious. I agree nothing sweeter than the items made for the little one, expect for the little angels themselves.

jenny b harris

You amaze me! The layette is so very sweet, and you are certainly building the anticipation for the opening of the Sweet Shop! And it is all set for Christmas, too, how clever you and Grace are! Thanks for such a sweet post!


That is so adorable!! Now I want to make some for my nephew - he's due any day! How sweet of you to send that bundle of cuteness. I'm sure they'll be much, much appreciated.


What a precious layette set. I know it will be cherished. :) I love love love this peekingin the window. Just too sweet.

Mrs. Staggs

It's all so pretty Vicki!
I'm loving these sneek peak photos...they've made me smile.


I have a little niece (Evangeline) being born right now in distant South Africa. Your beautiful layette is inspiring me to make something equally lovely for her!


What darling goodies. Love your embroidery.


I read your posts since a long time ago, and so many things are very nice...I'm really sorry if my enlish is not very good (and I must use a dictionnary in order to understand everything you tell us:-()
So, I just want to say today that it's so nice for a baby...I begun to sew when my daughter is born, it's really pleasant and maybe it makes me think about doll's clothes I made with my grand mother when I was younger!!!


Everything is so adorable! The booties are the cutest little shoes I've seen for a baby in a long time. The embroidery adds the perfect touch to a dearly sweet blanket; and I'm guessing darling little Sunny Rose will stay nice and snug as a bug in a rug in the beautifully warm clothing you made for her.

I too had trouble with my daughter's dangling little naked feet. My mom came up with an idea to take a flannel baby blanket and fold it and sew up one side and the bottom. It was like a baby sleeping bag. Worked great at keeping those toes warm and covered in the winter and there was still plenty of 'kicking' room.
The pictures of the sweet shop are sooo cute. They make me smile too as the little girl and dog are so patiently waiting for the grand opening! May it be a blessfully and blissfully happy grand opening!

Jenny Holiday

oooohhh my goodness!! So incredibly sweet! What an amazing gift!! YOU are amazing! I know she will adore these sweet creations!!

I can barely stand the wait!! You realize you have people camped out in line?!!..We are waiting for the doors to open as patiently as possible!...I can smell the vanilla cake!!

Cannot wait!
xoxo Jenny


What a sweet post! The layette is darling. Can't wait to see the sweet shop. (The peeking girl is an inspired touch!)


How beautiful. I love your blog. It's like looking at a Martha Stewart magazine.


I am dying to peek..
fairy shoes indeed..


Adorable Vicki!
It's Thursday morning here on the east coast..... I was secretly hoping that you got up in the middle of the night to open the bakery :)


Those are splendid baby gifts--such lovely work! Hope all goes well for your friend having the baby. That last pic is so sweet--can't wait to see what's next! Happy Days! :o)


What fun!!! If I didnt have a crazily destructive little boy learning to walk like a bull in a china shop around here, Id be working on my little dollhouse as well, how fantastic-all your details! Fun, fun, fun!!!


What a beautiful layette ensemble. You are mighty talented!

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