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That apron is so cute! I may have to give it a try (I think I actually have that pattern somewhere). The quiche looks great! I have never had a quiche with shrimp, but yum! Your picture should be in a magaine - it looks so good!


Aww that apron is darling! Love it! That would make a great gift for my older sister... Her Christmas gift is taken care of, but I'll have to keep that in mind for her Bday. You did a wonderful job with it, that's a lovely fabric combination.


My Martha Stewart Christmas issue arrived today and Turkey Feathers has a new post up - does it get any better than this? :) I absolutely love the apron, it's perfect in every way! I really need to plan out a dinner menu and I suspect quiche will be on it :) As always, thanks for the inspiration.


mmm...the quiche looks yummy! i have been watching the quiches with a hungry eye, i love quiche, yet don't make it very often. i have one lactose intolerant daughter, and another daughter and hubby that won't eat it!

on a different note, i did one of the mexican fiesta embroidery pieces and posted photos, and i linked your patternbee site on my blog, and someone linked ME on their blog...i was very thrilled!


My youngest loves shrimp so this is definetly one to try, thanks.


I have made that pattern as well, very fun. I love your fabric choices, as per usual. Yummy looking quiche as well. Have a peaceful holiday.


Oh this quiche makes me drool. That looks so yummy. I think that apron is just beautiful. I think that style is so feminine. I love it. ;) Glad you posted!!!


I will be making that quiche! YUM!

That apron is lovely!


The apron IS lovely and I love it!
Thanks again Vicki for being so kind.


I made the crab quiche that you posted a week or two back and got rave reviews. I'll have to try this one next. It sounds like a nice change from all the turkey we'll be eating this week.

Thank you for your blog - it's truly lovely.


This looks fantastic-cant wait to try it!!!


I recently turned a friend of mine onto your blog and we're in agreement that it's absolute terrific. I make my daily visit to it.

The apron is so pretty. You are a great friend to make and send it to her. Happy Stuffing Day.

Copper's Wife

Thanks so much for the links to Indygo Junction and Shabby Fabrics. I love both sites and will, hopefully, find some time to really browse around there soon.

My Pattern Bee order came yesterday, and I'm so excited!! Can't wait to start stitching these up! Thanks.


Such a pretty, cheery apron! And that quiche looks sooo good--must try that recipe! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! Happy Days! :o)


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Vicki!


A gorgeous apron! I am so happy for Mrs Staggs. Hope you had a joyful Thanksgiving. Debbie


Quiche is the dinner of choice when my husband's away on business. Love that stuff (he doesn't) I'm definitely cooking this one.


Thank you for that wonderful recipe. I just made the quiche for my Mom and Grandma and we all loved it and it truly was easy!

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