Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I think your little pumkins are great! I wish I was that talented. Thank you for sharing the link for shop that sells the chicken pincushion! I have a thing for chickens. I got all excited when I saw it was in California, but shoot, it's a little drive from my house. I'll have to order it online.


So cute...all of it, so very very cute!


Your pumpkins are too adorable! I love Sb calanders & books they are so setimental!


The store is darling, as you might surmise! I can't wait to see her fabric. John from RJR and I talked about Susan and also Mary Engelbreit years ago, so I 'm glad to see he was able to get Susan. Her last line of fabric was wonderful and sold out quickly. Love all your pumpkins! Love your little slice of heaven there!

Oh, I've been meaning to order that little chicken from Susan Branch....now I better run do it, before they're all gone!
Them pumpkins are truly wonderful and you are right about the wool. You just can't find those colors at the fabric store.
Glad to hear that your wrist is so much better.

Mama Urchin

Love those pumpkins.


Vicki, those pumpkins are so lovely - what a great thing to make with the felt and the colours are perfect aren't they. Thanks for the wonderful praise you've heaped on me. It's Divail today (more on my blog) so Happy Divali to you and your family.


Your pumpkins are adorable! I am amazed by Simmy's dyeing too. I drool over that woman's felt! :)

And thanks for the SB link. Such cuteness!


What an absoulutely gorgeous page you have!!! Thanks for posting about Susan have always loved her!! Have a lovely weekend.


I love those felt pumpkins! Might you share how you made them?




This is so very cute, Vicki :)


I love that chicken!!!! And I want to BE Susan Branch-wish I could tag along with you to her new store-don't you just love the kitchen area pictures???


Thanks for the link to the Simmy's blog. I hadn't seen that one before and I love finding other Waldorfy bloggers. Your pumpkins turned out so beautiful. I especially love the stems.


LOVE those pumpkins! They are so pretty and make wonderful (and longer lasting!) fall decorations. You are so clever! Cute chicken pin cushion. I've not looked at the SB site in while, so thanks for the tip. I'm going to see what she's been doing too. So glad your wrist is feeling better! Happy Days! :o)


Your wool pumpkins are so cute and the chicken too. I enjoy every visit to your blog.

is there a pattern for the pumpkins??


I just love these wool pumpkins


I'm totally interested in a copy of the pattern for the crocheted hen you have a picture of here. Where might I find that? And what is it's function other than looking adorable? Thanks!


I love these pumpkins so much. They are just the cutest things I've ever seen! A friend and I made a bunch of fabric pumpkins this year too, you can see a couple of pictures on our blogs, but I think I like yours even better! I love your blog in general but esp. the sewing projects. I get great ideas from them. I recently was given several wool and tweedish old coats that I would like to make into some stuff, so I love your pictures of the wool blanket projects. I'm trying to decide exactly what to do with them. Anyway, your blog really is one of my favorites that I read faithfully, so thanks for keeping it!



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