Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Isn't Bird Brain wonderful? I saw these designs in person a couple of weeks ago when they were at the local quilt show. I've done a miniscule amount of needle felting but nothing compared to this! Love the horse embroidery. Hope that you'll have photos when Carol finishes them. Have a lovely peaceful weekend.


Vicki, I feel like a celebrity! I need to park my behind at my sewing machine this (long)weekend and get these done....more pictures in your email soon. Thanks again for helping me find the patterns.


Thanks for the links...always fun to see what others have discovered...it opens the door to more inspiration.


Amazing things in your post today. I agree about the use of punchneedling for dollhouses. I bought a set of the Russian punchneedles a few weeks ago and a little Halloween design kit to make a rug for my dollhouse. I haven't made it yet because the instructions that came with the needles stink so I am ever so grateful for the tutorial link.

jenny holiday

Ohhhhh you absolute darling!!! What an incredible surprise!!! I was already blown away by the incredible horse stitching!!! such eye candy!!...and then to scroll down to "Beautiful Cakes"..and the sweetest sweetest compliments ever!! Oh bless your heart!! My goodness!! What a doll!!! Thank you so very much!!
I hope you and your family are doing well!!
Wishing you happy Autumn days!!
much love!! xoxo Jenny


I'm so inspired by your beautiful photos and craft projects!

tongue in cheek

that is the cutest acorn i have ever seen!
Its plaid hat is dandy!


Everything in your post today made me drool! Such crafty goodness I can hardly stand it. I agree, there's just not enough hours in the day for all the wonderful projects I NEED to do!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning Glitter and Grunge! I really had a vision of it being a place where a whole bunch of crafty people and artists could get together and make friends and just be sweet to each other... and what you have done is the epitome of that! Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!
AND I LOVE THAT HORSE FABRIC! My grandma collected fabrics with horses on it for 3 years, and then made an I spy quilt with just horses... 300 different horse fabrics! It is so cool! I bought some to make my niece a twirl skirt! So thanks for that link too! LOL!
Missy Ballance


Oh, I'm nuts over that squirrel and acorn! Too, too cute...
That horse quilt is so fun - I would have been in seventh heaven if I'd had a quilt like that when I was young - lucky twins!


You have such a beautiful blog. I enjoyed looking at your sewing projects.


I saw a quilt with a lovely embroidery design with lots of cute little daisys that reminded me of your art and thought you might enjoy seeing a picture:


Lovely pictures today! I'm inspired, as always!



Hi Vicky!
Thats neat that you mentioned "glitter & grunge" I just joined a couple months ago & am having a blast! What an amazing embroidery!

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