Hello and welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki Haninger and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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I love the fall and that post just got me into the mood to go to the farmer's market tomorrow for pumpkins! Thanks!


Your kitchen pictures are making my want to spend my weekend in my kitchen. The cookies look delicious. I may have to stray from my usual chocolate chip and try these, especially with the frosting in the middle, YUM!


Those cookies look yummy! I printed the recipe, I might just have to try them. And I think Fall is my favorite season too, too bad it doesn't last long.


Yum! I can almost smell them if I try hard enough!


Oh I wish I could reach into the picture for one of those cookies--yum!


first of all, i absolutely adore your blog. it is one that i check daily.

as a student of english, tho, i have to admit that i cringe every time i see the word "coarse" used in the place of "course" incorrectly. i believe the usage you are looking for is #32 on this page http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/course

thanks for the gingersnap recipe. it looks so delicious. this is definitely going to be tried out this weekend. :)

reply: Oh so sorry I made you cringe, anon (is that short for anonymous?) how dreadful! I must be more careful. Thank you so much for pointing out the blunder, it's nice to know my readers are on their toes. I'm aware of the correct usage and spelling of both words, but perhaps my typing could use some help. :o)


Vickie I love your blog no matter how you spell! The photos today are wonderful. When you have the chance will you tell me what Cookie flour is and why you and Grace like that instead of regular baking flour. Obviously something special for cookies, but like cake flour, it must have some cooking magic in it. Thanks!

Dale Anne

And, ginger snaps are my favourite cookies!
I always LOVE seeing all the different types of pumpkins that are out there.


your photos are as always so impressive...
love it to watch them...

oh, and the yummy cookies..i will bake some cinnamon elks today :)


I love how Anon forgets to capitalize and spells though tho. :-)


kievmama - that would be because i am a student of both english and the modern internet. :D

vickie - i certainly hope there are no hard feelings. and, yes, that would be for anonymous because i am such a chicken. i am a longtime lurker who may one day come out of the closet and would hate to have that lingering over my head. :)


That picture of Grace is beautiful! It looks like something out of a magazine. So sweet.
We're off to the Gold Country for a field trip as it's the current homeschooling subject. Everyone in period costumes at Gold Rush Days at the site of the first gold discovery. Your field trips with the girls inspired me!
Have a lovely weekend,



Those cookies look delicious - I'll defintely be trying out the recipe. I've enjoyed your blog since I found it a while ago... it's a daily read.


I like the pictures.. the light in them is really autumnal..
and those cookies..
enjoy your week-end..


I love these photos. I can tell you often enough, your blog is like having a little window of sunshine I can peek into each day. Thank you!

(Of course, it would be even better, if I could reach through the window and help myself to one of those scrumptious cookies! :)


I tried the gingersnaps yesterday... I loved them. I will be keeping this recipe. I did chop up some crystallized ginger in it also. I've posted a picture of my cookies at my blog: http://simplicity.efx2.com/


Definitely very inspiring photos! I think I'll have to try the cookies and also look for autumnal touches to add to my kitchen.


Thanks for giving me a glimpse of your happy kitchen.


Hello dear Vicki! Yes, that is a lovely picture of Grace surrounded by bright sunshine. I can see her sweet smile now. Tell her hello from me and Hannah. xo.


Oh your kitchen looks like a lovely place to be today. I can smell those cookies now. Hi Grace!


What a lovely series of photos! Thanks for sharing the recipe too! I'll definitely be trying it! :)


Oh my, this makes me want to be in the kitchen baking up a storm!


I must say, you have one of the most beautiful blogs that I've seen! I've just discovered it after following a link from Posie Gets Cozy.

I'll be reading regularly.

PS Yay for homeschoolers! (I homeschooled my daughter in the early 90s.)

jenny holiday

Amazing Grace strikes again!!! I will be sure to give this recipe a go!!..hopefully this weekend!!!

thanks bunches!!
xoxo Jenny


My family and I enjoy the smells from baking. Especially in the cooler seasons. We then box up the extras and give them to neighbors and friends.

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