Hello and welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki Haninger and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Happy Birthday! I hope your wish comes true!


Happy Birthday! The cake looks wonderful! What a talented daughter you have - little cakes and big cakes too! I hope your niece is doing well and that the new meds work wonders. Sending good wishes your way!

Lynn S.

Happy Birthday from another gal who grew up watching Sheriff John. :)


Happy Birthday Dear Vicki. I hope your wish comes true too and I will add a star for Jinny to those I wish upon tonight.


Happy Birthday and many miracles!


Happy Day to you..and may all your wishes come true.


Happy birthday to you! That cake is making my mouth water. I will keep your niece in my prayers. My husband and I both have friends with CF. My friend died in his 20s, but my husband's friend is almost 40 and doing great.


Happy birthday Vicki
I hope it is full of lots of love snd chocolate. Clarice


Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!!!
I have a package for you, but would you send me your snail addy- I lost my address book in the move. (I'll find it ten years from now I'm sure, in some place odd.)

Jenny is in my family's and church's prayers.



happy birthday!! Grace's handiwork always impresses, but I'm PARTICULARLY impressed on this one, having just survived my own birthday cake making adventure. The request? A strawberry cake. (Obviously, one of those childhood-nostalgia thangs going on.) I broke down and did it ALL - every BIT of it - by box and can and can NOT BEGIN to tell you how nearly inedible it was. Mysteriously, and presumably BECAUSE it recreated something from childhood, the birthday boy LOVED it. ICCCCCKKK. I'm hiring Grace next time. :)

Alicia A.

Happy Birthday, dear one! Good thoughts for your niece are on the way...


Where I come from it was "Buck Barry and the Buck-a-roo Rodeo Show". Yes, I was a loyal 'buck-a-roo'!

Happy Birthday, and may your birthday wish come true! It must be especially difficult for her to be a nurse at a time like this. CF is a cruel cruel disease. And well she knows it.

I picture my future including a scene where I awake in Heaven to a rousing chorus of "SURPRISE! You're Dead!" and wondering exactly how that happened without my even realizing something was wrong with me.


Happy Birthday, hugs and prayers! Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.

Now, if they only had cute stuff like that on tv for kids nowadays!

Jenny Holiday

Sending you lots of Love, Fun, Health, and Happiness this year!!

Very Happy to hear Jenny is having a better day!! We will continue to send great thoughts and energy her way! She is in our prayers!

As for "AMAZING GRACE" my goodness!!! Why can't we live next door??? What an incredible gal!! I am so honored to own some of her amazing work!! I truly hope to keep in touch ....I MUST know what she will end up doing as a "grown up" ..lol...she is bound to DAZZLE!!! what a talented sweetheart!

Have a great day!!! lots of love, xoxo Jenny!!


Happy Birthday Vicki! Oh man, I wish I knew it was so close when we got together, shoot.

Yes, a miracle for Jen would be the best present EVER.


happy brithday a little bit late -- i hope it was wonderful! any cake left? ;)


Happy, happy birthday to you! I'd sing but you really don't want to hear that!! What good news about Jenny. I will keep her in my prayers.
I watched "Romper Room" when I was little. The hostess would look through her magic magnifying glass and say something like "I see Rob, and Kate, and I see you Julie". I remember holding my breath, just waiting to hear if she could see me today. Oh, what funny memories!


Happy Birthday and I hope your birthday wish comes true, your niece sounds a like a wonderful person with tremendous courage. I hope she realises how much good ripples out into the world just from her positive attitude to all that she has to contend with.


Happy Birthday Vicki. :)


Love the cake!

Pam Kellogg

Hi Vicki, hope you've had the happiest of birthdays!!


First, Happy Birthday to you! The cake sure does look yummy. And I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. And I didn't know about your niece till now as I've been so busy that I haven't been able to visit everyones blog like I wish I could, but I'm so glad to hear she is doing better and I hope that it's all good news from here on out for her.


your blog is so pleasant + comforting.
happy birthday!


Peeking out of lurkdom to say... happy birthday!!! Best wishes and all that! And saying a prayer for your niece and your whole family. Hugs.


sending birthday hugs and wishes for many more miracles!


happy birthday to you!
hope you have a fantastic one
(with a cake like that,
who wouldn't????)



Hi, I have been looking through your lovely blog, it is just amazing, I love vintage stuff, as you can see at my blog too. Thank you for a lot of inspiration! I will put you among my favorite links! :)


Happy Birthday girly! Your daughter is so amazing to do that for you! Family= LOVE!


Happy Birthday wishes for a wonderful year for you and prayers for your niece's total recovery!


Happy Birthday !!!!

Praying for that miracle as requested - love Julia x


Hope you have a fantastic Birthday!!!!



Uh-oh, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late - for a very important date!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday - Grace's cake sounds delicious (what a sweetie she is, baking for her mom).
Continuing to send prayers, good thoughts and well-wishes to your niece.

oh - and yes! I watched Sheriff John nearly everyday growing up. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories! Now I'm going to check out those links (what a sweetheart you are - giving out such presents when it's YOUR birthday!)


I'm anxious to try the espresso icing.

Happy Birthday to you--what a wonderful gift you got from your family!

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