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Jenny Holiday

What an Amazing quilt!! Such Fun!!
I am very very sorry to hear about Jenny! My thoughts and prayers are with her and your whole family!! Wishing you happy light hearted days again very soon!!!
I was so excited to read on Alicia's blog and now here, about your little day trip and meeting!! What an amazing thing! So many lives are touched by this daily thing we do....the little glimpses and slices of life have such impact!! I am so so happy to have found incredible people such as yourself, Alicia, Amy Powers and many others...it makes the world a smaller sweeter place!! Thanks so so much for sharing!!
Happy Fall!! Tell Amazing Grace I said hello!!...Ohh...and I finally have a blog!! (I hope to be less tech challenged soon! lol) lots of love, xoxo Jenny


sad new in as the season turns, funny how things seem more real as we move into fall. My thoughts are with you.

I love this quilt though, I've seen the idea in a christmas quilt and wish I had your talent for embroidery. Beautiful


Sounds like you all had a lovely day together.My thoughts and prayers are with your niece.I lost my sister to cystic fibrosis when she was just 18.


I'll think postive thoughts for Jenny--she sounds like such a lovely, caring person.

The quilt is beautiful--there's something about a quilt that is so magical. No one can resist a quilt--maybe they ought to consider using them to forestall wars.


Hello! I just found your beautiful blog! The frienship quilt is gorgeous--wonderful work! Prayers to your niece. Thank you for sharing so much. Happy Days! :o)


I hope your niece will get through this new crisis very soon... Saying a prayer for her!

Your quilt is so beautiful! Love the colours and the embroidery.


Beautiful quilt! I love your hand stitching, it's just lovely.
My prayers are with Jenny and everyone that loves her. My little nephew Jacob (3) has CF too. Although his health is good now, I can't help but worry about the future..... it's even too hard to type the words.
Take care Vicki.

Chrissie Grace

I have fallen totally in love with your blog and all your craftiness, pictures of your beautiful embroidery, land, and children. I had to read through the archives to absorb all the warmness... Thanks for sharing so much!


hugs to you and your family..this must be a very hard time! your quilt is just gorgous and your sharing of your thoughts and links.

Mama Urchin

I've enjoyed reading what each of you have to say about the visit. Sounds like it was a wonderful time.


Lovely quilt ! je ne comprends pas tout très bien mais je pense fort à Jenny ! God is love, the Lord bless you and Jenny !


Thank you again, so much, Vicki for making the trip up to see me. It was just so great. You'll be hearing from me in the mail :)

I'm praying for your niece. What a brave soul she is.

Alicia P.

Oh gosh, Vicki, I'm so sorry to hear about Jenny's struggles. I wish her and all of you the best, everything positive. It was so wonderful to meet you -- thank you -- and a big kiss on the cheek to dear Grace. xo, a


So sorry for the sadness and stress you are feeling right now. I'm sure despite the miles between they know you are with them. So hard.
Our thoughts are with her and both of your families right now that things will be better soon. Bravo to Jenny for her strength and giving of herself when she has her own challenges to struggle with!! Inspirational.

Warm hugs all around.

(the quilt is lovely--of course)


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Wishing Jenny strength...


Just through your love you are giving your support regardless of the miles between you. I wish the best of luck to Jenny, she sounds like such a wonderful and sweet person.

Your quilt is lovely and so much more touching with all the wonderful sentiments in your post!



My prayers are with you and your neice. Most of my family live far from me too so I understand how hard times like this can be. I'm positive she knows how much you love her and I bet she can feel your prayers as they hold her up while recovering. Some times we feel so lost not being able to be closer or able to help out better; but God has better plans. The prayers that everone is saying for her from you, family, friends, blogers, etc. may be just what she needs to help her through this rough time.

I pray that all this clears up fast and maybe you all can reunite soon for the holidays.

Soft Angel Hugs, Kathie


it is a beautiful quilt
and best wishes on jenny's recovery...


My prayers are with your family and your niece Vicki, I'm so very sorry. Ian and I spent the evening I got back home in the emergency room (nothing at all serious, just a cut from our coffee table that we felt needed to be closed up). Sitting there, waiting, I was reminded how fragile our lives are, and how having our health should never be taken for granted.

It was such a treat to get together with you and Grace, and have a chance to chat, hear your laugh, and just share stories. Big hugs to you both. xo


So sorry to hear about your niece, sending prayers to your family.
Love your friendship quilt and the stitching is a beautiful touch.


Sending prayers for your niece. What an amazing young woman.


So glad that you had such a nice time with friends. Hugs and prayers.

Alicia P.

Just checking in to see if there was an update on your niece, Vicki. I hope that she is improving. Thinking about you, and sending prayers. xoxo, a


How fun that you got to meet these other amazing craft bloggers! I've had my eye on Alicia especially, I love her blog and wished I could have gotten up to her shop before it closed.

I know what you mean about meeting people online. Funny, isn't it. One of my dearest friends I met about eight years ago online through a parenting forum. It was so strange to meet her face-to-face because she was nothing like I'd imagined just by going by her online voice. It was a bit of a shock, to be honest, and even awkward. But still out of that come an amazing friendship.



I have been warmed by reading your blog! I had to comment after reading about your love for "Sheriff John". Boy, did I love that show! I watched it every day while I ate lunch (chicken and stars soup with grilled cheese sandwich - my favorite!). I have such happy memories of it...God be with you and your lovely family.


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