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That's such a sweet little pattern. I love it!


the stitchwork looks adorable.....one of my kidlets turns 7 tomorrow!


I love those patterns and have just started the little "fishing" girl. I love the image of the little embroidered doll in a little girl's fall jumper pocket - so sweet!


I am trying to decided which stichette to start with !! Clarice


Darling! I'm sorry I missed the stitchettes.You do lovely work and I enjoy your pictures, always inspirring.


Darling! I'm sorry I missed the stitchettes.You do lovely work and I enjoy your pictures, always inspiring.

June Tan

You lucky girl! I had so much trouble with paypal that I didn't manage to get them.

Your stitchettes is coming together very nicely. = )

gina halladay

in case you did not already know...you got it going on...great stuff...


i love this embroidery dolls,is so pretty !


So sweet!


yay! a stitchette in action. It looks great! and how wonderful that it will be a gift for a little baby. we're going to need a baby pic :)


When I was a little girl, I had a red/white gingham dress with a tiny dolly in the pocket. My little sister had a matching outfit and my mother has pictures of us in the dresses in her living room.

Happy memories.


Inspired by this entry and Hillary’s work, I am making my small doll for my 5 years old daughter, using her as a model, as Hillary’s pattern was sold out now. When I was drawing my daughter, I realized her face has changed so much within these months. Kids grow up really fast.


Oh! Your stitchette is so cute. And your crewel piece is stunning - it is indeed a jewel! Congratulations on getting that big WIP out of the way and up on your wall :) I've missed your blog while I was offline, you are always such an inspiration - not merely for the lovely things you make, but also for all the rest. Every visit is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being just as you are!

sandra lamb

I love your stitching, it always inspires me to also get cracking....

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